Do You Know the Best 5 Ways to Solve Your Jet Lag Problem?

Do You Know the Best 5 Ways to Solve Your Jet Lag Problem?

The whole year was really busy year for you and you think that you deserved a little journey. You imagine that journey will be full of relaxing vibes, seas and many different beauties. You’ll take pictures of beautiful landscapes and share them in your Instagram account to envy your friends, but you are in doubt about too many flights to different zones. If you have jet lag problem,  You can feel grumpy after these flights or your sleep patterns can upset. Yes, it’s a very bad situation, but don’t worry!! You don’t need to be afraid of jet lag. We are here to help you with this article. You can  untangle your jet lag problem ın 5 steps.

1- Set your flight time

First of all, you should feel yourself in place to go in your mind. It means that you should be ready to time change from the moment you enter the plane.  You need to set your clock to new time zone just before the flight. Sometimes, if you are in a flight which will land on daytime, you can sleep on board. That will help you for another day, you will  feel  more energetic and be more beautiful on pictures!

2- Working on your homework

You need to get ready before the flight for a few days, if you will travel a few hours away. For example, you will travel the west, every day before the flight you can stay awake for more couple hours. Youwill  have to watch more films or series. OMG !! It’s too hard 😛  Or you will travel somewhere in east, you need to go to bed earlier than normal days. If you are a sleeper, it’s easy for you!

3-Stay away from take a nap

I know taking a nap looks very good after a boring, tiring flight. A desk, a couch or a bus statiton can be look as comfortable as a bed before the bed time, but please ignore them. If you take a nap in daytime after a flight, it means a sleepless night. You can lost your other day, because of this. You should wait night to go to bed.


 4-Drink water and eat vegetables

You will be less stronger after too many flights. That’s why you should be careful about your body. Drinking water and eating light meals can help your body. Maybe, you can eat some fruits before the flight, but don’t push your self about eating meals on board. Yes, you usually pay them with your plane ticket, but you don’t have to eat them. If you wan’t to solve jet lag problem, you should be kind to your stomach. Some people relax with drinking alcohol on board, you can try this, but don’t forget alcohol make your body powerless.

5-Swim, take a shower and get relax!

After tiring flights, everyone dreams lying down a sunbed and watch the sea. Yes! it’s absolutely the best way solve your jet lag problem. If you travel to seaside, your really lucky. You won’t have jet lag problem. But, don’t be upset, if you won’t be in a seaside, you can take a shower. That will help too.

Did you see? Jet lag is not a big deal!! If you can be careful about your health, before the flight and understand everything on this article. I think, you can achieve it! Are you ready a flight now?? If you are ready, don’t forget to add your flight GLOCALZONE!!

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