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What do people expect from a market? There must be fruits, veggies, clothing, sweet snacks, and meats; right?
In Thailand, there is a market named “Maeklong Railway Market” which has a train running through it 8 times a day! It’s totally normal that you think there will be chaos in that market but Maeklong Railway Market proves that a rolling stone gathers no moss!

The warning bell rings loudly just a few minutes before the train comes in this way vendors pull back their ownings only moments before the train comes.The bestt point is that train can pass safely through all those people and stalls!


After the train passed, everyone goes back to normal like nothing strange had happened! Vendors restore everything to the previous state practically. Because of the fact that they do it all day everyday, they got used to it. Everybody think that it is not a good idea to set up a market above the railway before they see the Maeklong Railway Market.

You can find whatever you need in Maeklong Railway Market. Its stalls have fruit, veggies, meats, seafood, sweet snacks, clothes and flowers. Also, the soul of that market will amaze you. Maeklong Railway Market is just like a living thing and the train is the hearth beat of the market. It would be a dead place if there weren’t a train running through of it.
This market locally known as Talat Rom Hoop which means “Market Umbrella Close“.

We think that Maeklong Railway Market should be in your “must see” list. It perfectly proves that nothing is imposible if you want to do it which is a life changing fact!

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