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Berk Armagan is a Turkish guy who turns his talent into ta profit for traveling the world and known as SEYYAHART.  He started to draw many famous places and artists’ works on coffee cups and sale them. So, how did he start to travel the world with his cups? Let’s learn more about his inspiring story!


Berk wanted to travel the world but he didn’t want to force his family economically. Fortunately, he was good at drawing pictures. And he decided to draw on cups and sell them for traveling the world. Cups were cheap material and his works were really good , so it could be a pretty good idea for making money.


To the world from the streets…

Firstly, he came out on the streets and started to sell his cups  in Istanbul. Sometimes, he inspired by most of these streets, while creating his little artworks and they are liked by many people in the streets. Finally, Berk had enough money to visit a few countries. And then, he started to inspire by places he traveled. He drew many famous artworks and places on cups. He plans his works before the road and works his cups along the way. Yes, ıt can be difficult to carry all the materials but ıt is worth seeing the photographs of finish drawings with real artworks.


His cups became more popular by selling from the Instagram page he opened. Berk even created a campaign to help street animals and provided food for them. These are very helpful at the same time. 🙂


I hope that all good will be with him on this path and he will continue to meet us with these beauties. You can give this young artist your own special order and support him on his road to world. I even think about placing an order for a cup with my little dog. 🙂


Reach him on his Instagram page. 🙂