National Drinks Of The Most Popular Travel Destinations–1

National Drinks Of The Most Popular Travel Destinations–1

Most of the travelers get excited to discover local flavors, drinks, and history wherever they go. Here! we have prepared this article for travelers who really want to taste local drinks in travel destinations. Hopefully, you will like the article that we introduced the local drinks of the most popular 5 travel destinations!


Everyone knows how famous France is with its wines. It is possible to find wine everywhere in France at every price range. If you are a real drink fan and you like to taste the oldest and the most expensive ones, “Petrus” and “Lafite Rothschild” which made by different kinds of grapes that grow in Pomerol will be the best option for you. Of course,  you can find cheap and very tasty wines in this wine paradise.

Another local drink of France is “Pastis”, which is actually French anisette. Even though the taste of those who try to match the taste of the anisette is said it’s a soft drink.


Sangria! The name comes from “Sangre” in Spanish means blood, as you can guess, a famous Spanish drink made of red fruits. This drink that we can actually call it a wine cocktail is really a great drink, liked by every drinker. If you go to Spain and do not taste it, you will be very sorry!


“Palinka” has very negative comments about it and it makes people more curious about this drink. These bad comments say that the drink is really heavy. You can find more information about Hungary’s local drinks in our article “16 things you should know before you go to Budapest”.


“Guinness” this world-famous beer is the first drink that you should try when you go to Ireland. You can probably drink it in Ireland cheaper than your own country. There are also trademarks like ” Jameson” and “Bushmills” in whiskey in Ireland.


“Sake” made from rice which the most important agricultural source of Japanese, is a very light drink even though it contains alcohol. There are many fans of this drink.

I hope this article has helped you a little bit.

To be continued!

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