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National drinks of the most popular travel destinations! Thank you very much for your intense interest in our previous post “National Drinks Of The Most Popular Travel Destinations–1″.

We are here again with lots of amazing drinks!

A little explanation for those who did not read part 1; this is the continuation of our previous article, which we have prepared for our travelers who love to discover new alcohols while traveling. You’ll see lots of interesting drinks of the most popular travel destinations in the post. We recommend reading the first part after looking at this list!



What would you like to drink next to the pasta? Yes, of course, wine! Italian wines are as famous as Italian cheese. Especially, Merlot, some Sicilian and Sardinian wines are worth to try. Besides, don’t forget to try “Grappa”. It’s a heavy national beverage of Italy.




The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Croatia is Rakia. Rakia is made by only grape. Also, you can find the amazing red wines of Slovenian in Croatia!




OK, the first thing you’ll do when you take the first step into Russia is drinking vodka. But, did you know that the best cocktails are made in Russia? Try the Bloody Mary and Screwdriver!



You really need to taste “Jenever” in Belgium which is a flemish drink. The “young” type is recommended for the first taste of the two types. The liquor’s taste is very similar to the wine.


Raki is the alcohol that is consumed with ice and water by the Turks is the first thing you should taste when you go to turkey. It is said to be heavy for those who try it for the first time. Be careful!


I hope you liked the whole drinks!