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Going a trip you dreamed of? I think it is one of the most exciting things in the world. 😲 Think about it, you will collect your baggage, check your documents and you will arrive at the starting point by plane or hitchhike.In short, you have taken your first step into freedom.Streets, mountains, plains, bars and some of the places waiting for you for discovering. Of course, everything is not easy in this new world. I prepared this article for you, dear readers, as it may be difficult for you to anticipate these difficulties for the time being.
I hope you like it.. ☺️

1.Carry Too Many Goods


Months, the motives of those who travel for years are always the same: “As travel experience increases, the goods in the bag diminish!” I feel sorry for the beginner travelers who plan to stay in hostels and carrying 5 kinds of pants, 2/3 toothbrushes-paste,10 touches of frost and 4 dresses.Please do not do these wrong things. Because after a while, you will have to leave some of your belongings. 👜
Maybe some of you will be asking like that ‘So, what is the solution?’

Solution: Keep in mind that you will carry all items on your back during your travels. Just try to get what you really need.
Try to eliminate what you can procure from your destination before you have spare supplies.

2.Too Much Electronics Stuff


You know everyone addicted to technology. And, they never and never leave to them. 😩 Each device takes up space in the bag, weighs, the incoming cables, the need for charging, the difficulty of transporting without breaking in the bag, and the risk of being stolen. 💻 💣

Solution: If you do not have an ongoing job on the internet, you can get most of your technological needs with a powerful smartphone or average tablet.
Your goal is to take your souvenir photos, listen to music, find addresses, check your messages and emails, your tablet, backup memory card/portable external drive will help you for your business.

3.Early Booking


You will witness the changes in plans that you made when you went to the road.Even when we were traveling by foot, the route we made the day before could have changed completely the next day. Being flexible is one of the first conditions of long journeys.

Solution: Make the necessary reservation and travel plan for your next stop from where you are. If you make a reservation for the place you plan to arrive after one month, you will not be able to evaluate alternatives along the way, or you will have to pay unnecessary expenses by canceling the reservation you made. 💸

4. Bad Companion


If you believe that your best friend will be a good companion, in the same way, consider this thought again. A good companion is someone who has common priorities with you, communication skills are sound, open-minded and adapt to changes.👫

Solution: It is a good idea to spend a few weeks with your nominee before traveling on a long journey. You do not want to lose your best friend because of the stress that the journey can make.

5.Waiting For The Appropriate Season



If you are waiting for good weather for travel, you wrong because you can travel all season. You do not need sunny days for it.
It is possible to travel for four seasons and if you ask me it is necessary. The prices are back to normal, learning to travel calmly and enjoyable will definitely increase your road experience.

Solution: Try to catch the time between the off-season and the high season. So you can reach out-of-season prices and calm in high weather conditions close to the high season.