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5 Authentic Places To Make A Proposal


What is the hardest question to both ask and answer? Most people around the world will probably think the same one. “Will you marry me?! We thought that the place you choose to make a proposal might make everything easier under favor of the ambiance. Let’s check the 5 Authentic Places To Make A Proposal!

1) Juliet’s Balcony, Verona, Italy

As the “ Romeo and Juliet” is the greatest love story ever told, Juliet’s Balcony is the most famous balcony ever built. Especially for the couples who wants to get married, this place may have deeper meanings. So, why not propose here? The ambiance of the place might make it easier to pop the question. Even the answer can get effected by the magical air of Juliet’s Balcony!

If  you’re searching for a non-risky place to make a proposal, Juliet’s balcony can be the best place for you!

2)Venice, Italy

It is said that some places enthrall people with just standing out thereand Venice is one of them. All those colorful houses, swinging gondols and stunning bridges make people forget about about the real life and put them into a fairytale kind of trip. In addition Venice known as one of the romanticism spotsamong all over the world. When people feel such pleased, it might be easier to ask that important question and also to answer that!

make a proposal in italy

If you feel a bit more adventurous and also want to put a little bit romanticism into it, Venice can be  the perfect place to make a proposal!

3)Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii

You might not want to make a proposal while everybody’s eyes are on you which is totally normal. Proposing is already stressful itself let alone being watched by strangers. From another point of view, you might want to be with only the one you love while asking the critical question. Na Pali Coast offers a unique scenery with the stunning waterfalls, crystal clear water and wilderness gardens to you to have relaxing time with your lover. The best point is, you’ll never get disturbed by crowds while in Na Pali Coast.

If you don’t want another eyes on you while asking the question, Na Pali coast can be the place you are looking fort o make a proposal!

4)Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

We think that San Francisco is one of the most profitable places for couples who doesn’t want to do anything special for the proposal. You can have a stroll across while holding your lovers handand looking at the great Pacific before popping that question! That breath taking scenery might make you remember that you’re so small and it doesn’t worth wasting life with dramatizing.

Seems like a good place to convince your partner if you haven’t yet! Grab her/his hand and make a proposal after that fine stroll across the bridge. Just a reminder, the things you’ll talk while acrossing the bridge can help you to get that “YES”!

5)Santorini, Greece

Santorini is well known for it’s elegant coastal view and perfect sunsets.Also it offers a romantic holiday for couples. The residents of Greece are so sincere and permissive that probably it will turn you into a free and wreckless person which is so beneficial for you to make a propose. In addition  the ambiance of Santorini is just for those couples who wants to make a romantic escape.

If you want to combine a romantic holiday with a proposal, we highly recommend you to do it in Santorini.

We hope you’ll chose the profitalbe place to make a proposal and hear the answer you want!

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