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Best friends! As we can see from our A Woman Who Restored A Van To Travel Around The World With Her Dog, you do love those stories about our little friends. We are here with you with a new traveler & pets story!

If you are the one who doesn’t want to leave their little friends and want to go to travels with them! We will take you one step closer to the dreamy world! Let’s start to story of Rich East and Willow!

Best friends

rich east and willow

Rich East and his friend Willow are best friends since the day they met. They eat and sleep together. They even travel around Australia together! It might be truer to call them “Friends for life”!

How did it begin?

rich east and willow

Rich and Willow actually owe thanks to Richard’s ex-girlfriend. She was the owner of Willow. When the owner realized that she couldn’t look at Willow anymore, Rich took possession of her and they are the closest friends since that day.

Willow The Van Cat

Rich East had a job he’d spent 10 years on and out. He quit the job, sold his house and decided to go to Australia but he didn’t want to be the guy who left his closest friend behind. Willow also came with him! They evaluated the options, bought a camp van and went out of the way. They have been exploring Australia together. These young travelers have everything that they need in their van and the stop in a camp area for just relax and sleep.

How does a cat handle life on the road?

Rich East & Willow The Van Cat

This is a really good question to ask in this story because as you know, normally cats don’t like being on a car but surprisingly Wicklow loves that! Richard answered this question on “The Shoko Show”: “Willow likes to sleep while I drive, I presented her with the offer of reversing the arrangement but she declined. When we arrive at camp I let her explore if it is safe. But it is not enough for her to go alone, she will want me to explore with her!”

They have traveled a lot of places like The Big Banana, the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands for 12 months and they don’t miss their old lives. They are very happy with their new free and happy lives. “It’s a cozy campervan with everything I need,” Richard said. “All the snacks I need and a cat falling asleep on my chest. That’s all I need.” So that they are planning to explore more places together! They keep going!

They had an Instagram page that you can reach their sweetest moment! You can support their story on their websites!