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Everybody annoys flight delays or the worst that missing their flight. Noone wants to be captured at the airport during an amazing journey for hours or maybe for a night time. What if we change this situation? What if we turn that time comfortable?

You may not want to prefer airport hotels. If you think that way, let’s check other options to feel comfortable.

Firstly, we should check what do we need.

  • We need little air mattress as we use in a pool. You can feel better even if you sleep on a hard floor.
  • Of course, don’t forget your eyepatch and ear muffs! These are the best couple of a long travel.
  • You should have a bottle of water and something to eat. If you will sleep at night, you may not be able to find any open shop to buy them.
  • You should take your favorite pillow if you can. You need to know the best sleeping place at an airport. Let’s check several airports!



On a place that named T2, you can find comfortable chairs and benches. Some travelers said that you may find free coffee or tea service.  There are three different rest zones at T2.  You can also find showers if you need, but you have to pay for them.



Sleeping is quite easy and safe in here other than other airports. But probably, security will wake you up to check your ticket and passport. Most of the seats are metal on the gates so it might not be comfortable as you expected. It is a loud place, you shouldn’t forget your earplugs. You can find showers for a small charge.



This airport has Landside and Airside parts. There are plenty of eating and shopping places in all terminals. People who are work at the airport are generally tolerant for travelers which are trying to sleep. Some traveler said that some of the lounge-style chairs are dirty on the Airside part. There aren’t enough seating options on Landside part and so you may have to sleep on the floor.  That’s why you need a little air mattress. Some of the restaurants have comfortable chairs near them that you can sleep on it. You can also find showers.



Travelers just allowed to sleep at night. Security guides start to check passports. It’s good to hear that there is in airports free WiFi and you can get information on the airport guide. On the Airside, you can find soft chairs and benches on the main floor. That place is an internet area at the same time. Travelers said that there are plenty of chairs to have a rest. At the same time, the terminal is very cold. Be careful about your clothes! As the others, you can find showers in some areas.


This airport’s facilities are older than the others it needs to be renewed. The place is also popular for homeless people and the place is also known as being dirty. We don’t recommend to sleep here. But if you have to, you can pay and use first class lounges and there is also free WiFi here.


You can find food easily because there are 24-hour open places. This place also has free WiFi. It is easy to find comfortable chairs and soft benches. Because of there is a bright and noisy place you should be prepared. There are also a bit less comfortable seats near the coffee shops.  If you can take a blanket, it would be helpful.


Firstly, I have to warn you about the size of the airport because it’s deemed huge. It is not easy to find some places to sleep. That’s why you should take air mattress. You can ask for security to know where you can live.  You probably not going to be annoyed by stuff. It will be loudly night so you should take your earplugs.  Some of you may prefer airport’s relaxing room.



Overnight sleep is usually problem-free but it doesn’t mean always comfortable. It is a bright environment and there is always the voice of announcements. Having an eyepatch and airports is a good idea. On the Airside, you can easily find comfortable modern furniture.  On the Terminal2, there is big lounges and noise is low but you should take a blanket. The best sleeping place to find a quiet environment is Terminal3. There are also comfortable pieces of furniture.


There is plenty of space to sleep even if seats have armrests. But at some terminals, you can find benches without armrests. It is a good idea to take your earplugs and eyepatch. At the same time, the airport provides you cots for free. Free WiFi and free seats save lives!


I have kept the best one as last. One of the biggest and the most modern airport you are going to have ever seen. You will not want to leave this place. You can find free movie and theatre and plenty of gardens from different environments. Various type of comfortable chairs, carpets, lounge areas, benches and so on. You just need your eyepatch cause it’s a bright place. They have also a rest zone for you. I don’t even want to talk about free WiFi! You can get the password from the information desk.

You can check for more information about them or the other airports;