The Most Tranquil Cities In The World

The Most Tranquil Cities In The World


Usually people (except who live in town) need to relax (tranquil). Because city life, working all day,relationship etc. are still exist.This essay will show you the most tranquil cities in the world. If you have some stress,you should read this!


Bern wonder Unesco World Heritage-listed old town. It’s hard to believe that Bern is the capital of Switzerland. Bern’s flag-festooned, cobbled centre, rebuilt in distinctive grey-green sandstone after a devastating 1405 fire, is an aesthetic delight, with 6km of covered arcades. Cellar shops and bars these places make the city more tranquil. 

Brighton, England

Travelers from London to Brighton will feel a deep sense of peace as the rolling green hills. In addition fluffy white sheep of the quaint English countryside pass by your train window. Upon your arrival to this pretty seaside paradise. You will be greeted with a soft ocean breeze and a picturesque pier. A stroll along the boardwalk with some crisp fish and chips are all you need to forget the frenzy of this tranquil the city.


In the Aarhus; figures for worker motivation are very high and there is a welfare system in place which is the envy of most of the World.


With almost 24 hours of daylight during the summer, Reykjavík truly becomes the city that never sleeps. Where you can enjoy a number of popular summertime. These activities including whale-watching, sea-fishing, horse-back-riding and trips to the many tranquil natural wonders nearby.


If you want to visit these cities and at the same time earn money with out effort, you can add where you go in

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