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Travelling has a different meaning for everybody and due to this variety, there are numerous types of travelling. We have researched the top 4 travel trends in 2018 for our Zoners to make them easier to decide which type of travelling they want.

1)Experience Travel

Travelling all around the world has been a popular desire among the adventurous spirits for centuries. Thanks to our marvellous world, there are countless things to see an incredible experience to have in the world. Furthermore, it is still really popular to go on experience trips in 2018.Here are some ideas for an experienced travel;

Swinging at the End of the World in Ecuador!


Walking Through Plitvice Lakes in Croatia!


Floating on a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia-Turkey!


Boarding Down an Active Volcano in Nicaragua!

2) Travelling to The Childhood

Refreshing memories is as popular as gaining new experiences in 2018. People now want to see the places they have been before and they regard this nostalgia as a rediscovery of their past lives.

The best point of this childhood travel is to be able to take the same pictures you have been taken years ago. What a nice #tb to share on our Instagram profiles while it is one of the travel trends in 2018, right?



3)Travelling On a Tight Budget

Unfortunately, a high population of the world are not able to afford a high paying travel. On the other hand, a high population of the world want to see the world. In this case, making the travelling possible on a tight budget has become one of the most popular travel trends in 2018. Especially Inter-railing is a really common way to travel without spending money like water.

Inter-railing allows people to see many places in a short period of time with a tight budget. If this way of travelling has caught your attention, you can learn more about by visiting the link below;

How To Survive While InterRailing?

Also, You can have a tight-budget travel by joining Glocalzone! Imagine you can earn extra cash while travelling and gain experiences by meeting the demanders.

4) Adventurous Travels

“Get out of your comfort zone”

Since people heard this quote, they started to arrange more kind of adventurous travels. Especially poles, deserts, jungles and savannas have become one of the most preferred travel trends in 2018 due to the hard conditions of them which people need to handle with.

Not only these specific areas but also well-known cities are being visited each year by people who want to grow psychologically and get stronger mentally by facing difficulties.

Here are some destination ideas for an adventurous travel;

  1. Antarctic
  2. Middle East-Egypt
  3. African Savannas- Botswana
  4. Exotic Islands- Bali

If you have decided which type of travel you will choose,  add travel on Glocalzone and make it possible to earn money while travelling!

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