Story of the Man Who Travelled Around the World on Bicycle

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Born to be free and live life

Born, go to school, get a job, … , success? Just another from the crowd! Knowledge is important, but it not means that we are robot.We need some freedom,for example travelling around the World on bicycle.

Alastair Humphreys

Away from friends and family for so long, Alastair’s self-funded ride took him from the deserts of Sudan to a Siberian winter, from Albania to Zimbabwe, from the Dead Sea to Andean heights. It was a truly global journey. He left England to cycle round the world. His journey along the length of the Earth’s three great landmasses took more than 4 years to complete. He has written six book about the adventure.

Yakuza Solo (Sievituo Chevy)

In Nagaland, bamboo plays a huge part in the lives of the people – from being consumed as a food item to a spice, and a material used for building furniture and lovely houses. It is, therefore, very fitting that Yakuza chose to ride a bamboo bicycle to embark on his adventure, and to tell the world about the rich cultural land of the Nagas.who’s going around the world on a bicycle made out of bamboo! His mission is to tell the world about the Nagas and Nagaland.

Heinz Stücke

Heinz Stücke who was born 11 January 1940,is a German traveller. In 1995, he set a world record for bicycle touring in a global journey spanning more than 50 years, he has travelled several hundred thousand kilometres by bicycle.But this man a bit unlucky because:In Siberia, 1997, his bicycle was stolen for the fifth time, along with his luggage (all of which was recovered).However he never give up his target!

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