Ways not to Lose Your Stuffs

Ways not to Lose Your Stuffs

Hey there!! Do you forget or lose something like me constantly? Here I am, thinking that I can help you about in this regard!

From time to time, I can be forgetful and lose my many of goods like everyone.I guess I do not lose my stuff occasionally, I lose them always. 😩 Therefore, I improve myself not to lose my stuff and I have found many ways to never disappear them again. And, I’m sure you are constantly facing these problems.That’s why I thought, I would write this suggestion.I hope you like it . 😊

First of all , I must say that our forgetfulness is not about just for the items , but it is also included in things like addresses , meeting times and phone numbers .Well , what can we do for our forgetfulness?


1.Take Note✍️

Taking a note is the most useful step you can make for your memory. And, it is one the most common method I use. Even if I have to give you a secret, since I started taking notes, my life may be more coordinated and this may be a step to jeopardize your opponents. For example, I can never remember addresses and phone numbers in my life, so I always keep handy my little cute pink notebook. 😋

2.Smart Phones 📱

I am sure that only my grandfather is not still using smartphones today.😄 You know that smartphones are whole with us.In fact, we are looking them like our children and we are never ever put them away from us. And, as we know, it has a lot of functions. Remind, one of these functions! Available on almost any phone and also applications you can download.It is very handy ….:)) It even reminds you of music so you do not forget.

3.Plug In Chips 👾

As we know technology is very advanced. 😂 In fact, I did not want to pass without using this cliché sentence.👅 I have never been sick enough to plug a chip, but I am sure that many people have a chip to make it easy to find when they have lost very important things. Insomuch as , once I read in the newspaper ; a girl in a country has put a chip in her boyfriend. And in this way, she knows everything about him such as; Where he goes , what he does  and with  whom.😀  But, it is also a solution.

4.Use A Calendar 🗓

Using a calendar can be a reminder for important days.If it is an important day , you can mark it with fluorescent pencils. And, you can take a brief reminder note. You do not forget your plans and programs on this.

5.Buy GPS Tracker

I think, one of the things we are most afraid of is losing your baggage or mixing them with someone elses and you can buy a GPS tracker as a solution to this.  It’s a small and cheap thing, but it works very well. You can transfer your baggage to yourself via email or phone.

6.Use A Tag 📌

I think it’s one of the things that make my life the easiest. Because I am a person who constantly panics when I go out on the roads, losing my suitcases or confusing them. And thanks to the tags, I can easily figure out which is my suitcase. Most people do not buy it because they do not want to give money. So what do you think about this 🙂     ⬇️

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