What to Buy from India?

What to Buy from India?

India is a shopping paradise. You can find traditional and modern products at attractive prices. But like everything else in India, shopping can sometimes become a complicated process. So, “What to buy from India?” We answered it for you.


Colorful saris on sale. Pic: Bharat Singh/flickr

India is famous for the textile industry. From embroidered shawls to silk sarees; It covers a wide range of textiles from cotton salmon (long, tunic shirts), bedspreads and pillowcases to wall sconces. Be careful when buying pashmina: most shawls are blends of wool and pashmina.

Pure shawl is very costly. And it should only be obtained from a reliable source. If you want to buy silk saree, we recommend that you should find out what is the popular saree style in the different areas. Silk sarees are the specialty of many regions such as Varanasi, Mysore, and Kanchipuram. Cotton sarees are the specialty of South Rajasthan (where the Kota is).

Handmade Products

Beautiful vessels sold in abundance. Pic: Sakshi Kumar/flickr

India is popular for traditional artifacts and handicrafts. You can find different and colorful products made by Indian artisans. Most of them are rugs, pottery, and boxes.

When you are buying something, be careful about purchasing from a reliable source. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of scams. But for the average tourist, it is fun to visit a local artist, such as Mayur Art Soni Gopal, a shop in the Bundi market; or spend the afternoons among the Mahabalipuram stone carvers, the perfect representation of Saraswati, the goddess of art and knowledge.


An array of bangles for sale. Pic: Sam Hawley/flickr

In India, you can find both simple and more ornate jewels. And like everything else in India, it varies from region to region. You can buy gold, silver, platinum, and diamond jewels infused with at affordable prices. Typically, jewelry in India made of 22 carat gold which is brighter and more yellow than western type gold jewelry. Jaipur and Rajasthan are the best places to find but you can find the products in Delhi, Mumbai and even Hollywood.

Spices, Parfume, Incense

A shop selling spices in Delhi. Pic: Wikimedia Commons

India, which is one of the countries where the spice route passes, has a variety of spices such as black pepper, cardamom, turmeric, and coriander. Today, you can visit the spice markets in Old Delhi or the historic Cochin harbor in Kerala. You can find a well-known brand, Roopak’s spices packaged in plastic bottles.

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A shop selling tea leaves in Delhi. Pic: Wikimedia Commons

Although the Camellia sinensis (tea) plant is native to India, the tea industry began seriously after the end of the 18th century when British soldiers tried to bring plants from China and grow them in the northeast. Today India is one of the world’s leading manufacturers – and drinkers! -Darjeeling considers it the best tea champagne in the world and a great place to visit. Other tea centers in India are Assam, Munnar in Kerala and Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu.