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Izmir is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey with a marvelous coastal view. Especially the people of Izmir will make you feel so comfortable that you cannot be homesick here! In addition, this tiny town offers you to have traditional experiences. The best point is if you manage your time properly you can even complete them in one day! The question is how can we make it.

Start your day with eating boyoz

izmir boyoz what to eat in izmir

It’s a cheap and delicious way to have breakfast in the cold mornings of Izmir. We suggest you have a stroll at Alsancak Cordon after you buy your boyoz from “Alsancak Dostlar Fırını” and then, let the adventure begin!

Take a boat stream from Göztepe to Karşıyaka

boat stream what to do in izmir

These towns are everlasting mates and eternal enemies at the same time. Go enjoy your boat trip, discover both and make your decision; just 35 or 35.5

Eat free lokma

izmir lokma what to eat

Lokma is a dessert which is served to people after someone dies in a Turkish family. If you see a long queue near a hot oil boiler when you are strolling around Izmir’s authentic streets, don’t get surprised and join the queue. It’s worth to be waited and tasted.

Visit Key Museum

where to visit in izmir key musem

A good collection with 130 classical autos and 40 motorcycles has being exhibited at Izmir, Torbalı. The collection includes the very first cars of prestigious brands in the world. Take a deep and dusty breath and get lost among these precious cars.



Don’t leave Izmir without meeting this marvelous trio. Stay away from expensive restaurants and go to Kilizman which is a heaven-sent village of Izmir. You should have a feast to the accompaniment of raki while the sun is going down.

In addition, you can communicate with our dearest Zoners to request the Turkish strong spirit flavored drink; raki!

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