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Request from Germany via Glocalzone! Some countries can apply stiff taxes against products they don’t produce. You can have to pay too much money for a product you really want in your country. At this point, Glocalzone comes into play! You may request affordable products from travellers from Glocalzone! Here is a list of products you can request from Germany via GLocalzone!

All New Kindle Oasis E-Reader 7″ High-Resolution Display


The number of people who choose to read books in readers is increasing day by day as everything is digitalized. This model, which the first waterproof reader of the world releases, is on the best-selling list.You should request it from Germany via Glocalzone.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance E27 Led Lampe Starter Set


These tiny innovative lamps are great products for those who want to create their own free environment. Choose from millions of colour options in Hue application, and colour your home accordingly to your mood. This lamps can be requested from Germany via Glocalzone.

Original VW Up Facelift Headlamp


Firstly, car industry comes to mind when you think of Germany. You can reach the world’s best quality car parts in Germany with a little price. These are some of the most preferred car decorations in recent years. You can add these headlights to your what to request from Germany list!

Adidas all collections

An Adidas shoe Price in Germany:$70

In Germany, Adidas is not as popular as the other sportswear brands. That’s why Adidas products, especially shoes are cheaper in Germany. If you really want to buy an Adidas you can request from Germany with Glocalzone!

Dji Mavic Pro Foldable Drone


Drone madness continues all over the world! It is now possible to see a drone just by looking up. We can even shoot movies with a drone. This one of the best in the world can be profitable if you take it with Glocalzone from Germany!

Panasonic Lumix Dmc Fz300 [12 Mp, 24 Fach Opt. Zoom, 3″] Schwarz Wie


Lumix is a leading brand in the photography industry. But,  Lumix products are sold at very expensive prices in some countries such as turkey sold for $ 3,000 a Lumix, Don’t worry it is sold for $1200 in Germany and you can reach all Lumix by tap the button below.

Nu3 Vegan Protein 3 K Vainilien Blend Veganes Proteinpulver Aus 3 Kom

Vegan products can’t be easy to find in every country.  Vegan protein products are impossible to find! But, in Germany, you can get this product in every corner.

Google Pixel Xl 2

You want to step into the innovative world of Google, but is it hard to have a Google product in your country? Then request yours from Germany with Glocalzone by tapping the button below.

Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 By Shiseido

Gentle, emulsion cleaning milk which can be used for wiping or washing. It gives extraordinary moisture to the skin and gives flexibility during cleaning. Also, you can find all Shiseido products cheaper in Germany.

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