What To Request From Paris Via Glocalzone

What To Request From Paris Via Glocalzone

Paris is a city we are all dreaming of to see one day. If this dream seems to happen in a little far future, Glocalzone offers you to have Paris brought to you. You can order some characteristic stuff from the capital city of shopping in order to feel that romanticism without taking one step! Don’t worry, we already have a list of what to request from Paris.


We all agree that eating chocolate is one of the best ways to treat yourself in the world. Especially in Paris, you have varied options in terms of the cacao percentages, flavour and origins of your chocolate.

Don’t think about what to request from Paris. There is a list of famous chocolate shops in Paris for you to order some and feed both your stomach and your soul;

In addition, you can’t find its chocolates anywhere else in the world.

2) Thïonade

Want something to spread on your bread? Let me introduce you to the Thïonade. It is a creamy blend which includes olives, tomatoes, garlic and tuna. This delicious blend is being sold only in Paris’s trendy 11th arrondissement of Paris.

With no preservatives, no coloring, and no artificial flavors, this Parisian flavor is waiting to be tasted. If you ask us “what to request from Paris?” Thïonade is definitely the first thing we will offer.


Cheese is one of the basic things which comes up your mind when you think about France. It is not pointless because you can find nearly 365 types of cheese there. Furthermore, there is a cheese shop named  Fromagerie Laurent Dubois will even vacuum seal the purchase in order to keep it fresh during it’s journey to your table.

Here are the top cheese shops of Paris;


4) Wine

If you really want to feel the Paris, wine is the most essential thing for you to have. As we all know, Paris is the land of the wine and numerous types of it are being sold in Paris with the highest quality.


You can choose the aroma, the type of grape and the hardness degree of your wine depending on your pleasure. What is more, the price scale is so wide that you can even choose a wine for 3$ to 50$. Also, we heard that La Cave des Papilles has natural and environmentally wines for everybody!

Are you curious about the best wine bars in Paris?




Who can resist a little macaron with a cup of coffee? Well, if we will eat it then let’s eat the best of it! You can order the world’s best macarons from France’s iconic houses such as   La Durée and  Pierre Hermé.

Actually, we have already heard about La Durée when we are watching the Gossip Girl. Do you remember the time when Blair fell into depression and ate boxes of macaron from La Durée?


Paris is the dream city for Perfume lovers with its unique fragrance and prestigious perfume shops.  You can order the perfumes from the most popular brands like Lancome, Dior or Guerlain with lower cost. Also, there are local little perfume shops which are really common in Paris. What about choosing a perfume from that local shops and smell like a Parisian?

There is a list of the most popular perfume shops in Paris for you to not think what to request from Paris;

  •  Fragonard
  •  Guerlain
  •  Serge Lutens – Les Salons du Palais Royal
  •  Maître Parfumeur et Gantier
  •  Traditional Department Stores (Grands Magasins)


 So, all of you wants these products!! What are you waiting for? Join Glocalzone and get them from travelers!

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