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 We are here again with an inspiring traveler!  We hope that she will help you while preparing your baggage, just like our previous post ” The World Is My Home.”

Here we go!!

Marina Piro wanted to travel around the world for a long time. Finally, she decided to make it real, quit her job, but Marino has a dog ( who called Odie). She couldn’t leave him behind but that was pretty hard to travel around the world with a dog. Different airway companies and countries have different procedures for dogs. She thought that she won’t feel herself free if she did it in this way. That’s why Marino found another way to travel with her best friend and created PAM!!

This Is Pam!

The Pam was a 5-door 2001 Renault Kangoo, and she restored it herself after researching the project for a while. She turned the van into a  home, complete with a bed, curtains, kitchenette, lights and even plants.
Marina said that the total cost of restoring the van was about  £500. If she bought a brand new van, she had to pay more than £5.000. Marina knew nothing about car renovation before she started her project. Nevertheless, she did everything herself for her wanderlust.

Firstly, she ripped out everything in her car and placed a floor.

Then she mad cute curtain for little windows, a comfy bed, and even a little kitchenette.


Nowadays,  they are continuing to explore new places with pam every day and Marina is really happy for doing everything alone. Marina hopes to inspire other women to follow their dreams, just like she is, and now writes easy to understand guides about transforming a van into a home. She said: “I would love for any women wanting to live their dream to feel like they CAN do it even if they are al manless.

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