8 Things You Should Know About Göbeklitepe

What is Göbeklitepe, why is it important? We are starting to discover Göbeklitepe. Because Göbeklitepe which changes all the facts of the known human history… Şanlıurfa, which is known as the city of prophets which has an important place in the history of religions. So as the secret of Göbeklitepe brings to light, new answers bring more questions. Are you ready to explore this place? Here are 8 things you should know about Göbeklitepe.

1.The geographic location of Göbeklitepe

Göbeklitepe is located near Örencik village, 20 kilometers northeast of Şanlıurfa, with a 300 m diameter and 15 m height wide viewing area.

2.Göbeklitepe, the first and largest known temple in history

Göbeklitepe which belongs to the Neolithic period. And it is important in terms of being the center of the first faith on earth as it is the first temple. This is one of the things you should know about Göbeklitepe. Moreover about 20 temples have been identified in this area so far, only 6 temples have been unearthed.


3.7500 years older than the oldest work of art

Göbeklitepe is the oldest artifact ever known. It is 7500 years older than the oldest temple. The oldest temple known until the discovery of Göbeklitepe is located in Malta and it is 5000 years old. It is also 7000 years older than Stonehenge and 7500 years older than the Egyptian pyramids.

4. Forming the rocks and building the temple

At the time of Göbeklitepe, mankind maintained its continuity in small groups, collecting plants and hunting animals. Probably for the first time in history, people had to be together in such a crowded way to bring huge columns and heavy stones from rocky areas to Göbeklitepe. In addition, people had to move 2 kilometers without carts and cargo animals.

5.From paintings on the cave walls to relief animal figures

Rather than the pictures representing the hunting on the cave walls, the animal figures here impressively reflect an understanding that is artistically different.

Besides, there are figures of a scorpion, fox, bull, snake, wild boar, lion, pike and wild duck on the stones. And according to some archaeologists, these animal figures are described as symbols of different tribes visiting the temple.

6.Ancestor of Wheat in Göbeklitepe

In line with the researches obtained in the region which is an important culture plant and has hundreds of genetic variations, first grew on the skirts of Göbeklitepe.

things you should know about göbeklitepe

7.Agriculture for beer!

Findings also show that people of the stone age drank beer. Six beer drums, the largest of which was carved into limestone with a capacity of 160 liters, have been found in the excavations so far.

In the light of the findings, Klaus Schmidt believed that human beings started agriculture not for bread, but for beer, and this was the first time in Urfa.

8.Settled life with the temple, not agriculture

Göbeklitepe refutes the thesis that “nomadic communities have learned agriculture and through into settled life” which has been taught in history classes for years.

The transition to settled life was thought to have taken place with the emergence of farming and animal husbandry. According to Schmidt, as a result of the continuous gathering of hunting and gathering communities in religious centers such as Göbeklitepe, settled life started.

Due to the desire of the crowded communities to be close to the worship center and the lack of sufficient resources to meet the needs of these communities, people have turned to agriculture. In other words, agriculture did not bring settled life, and as a result of the desire to stay around religious shrines, settled life brought agriculture. There are a lot of things you should know about Göbeklitepe.

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