11 Reasons Not To Visit India

Visiting India is definitely a regret because India is a dangerous place to travel. Locals attraction, monkey thieves, dirty meals and etc. We line up lots of reasons not to Visit India. But now let’s take a look at just 10 reasons not to visit India.

1. Who would like friendly locals that can even host you in their houses?

Firstly, most of the Indians are friendly to people who are different from them. You can meet their attractions when you arrive there. NO! They all just want to take a photo with you! Also, they are hospitable to tourists. Then can even host you in their houses.

Have you ever said something in a Facebook group which is full of Indians? Try it! Then you will understand how friendly they are!

2. You wouldn’t waste so much time to decide what to eat, right?

Their cuisine is great! There is no other cuisine with this variety in the world. Also, they have different meal perspectives than in other countries. When you spend lots of time in India, you can meet locals and sellers on the Street. So, yes! Sicknesses are serious subjects, but you can eat something even on Street as soon as you are sure that they are clean.

On the other hand, There are some towns in India which are fed as vegetarians, even vegans. The way vegans and vegetarians are fed is always a matter of curiosity, and the Indians have different ways of eating vegan. You may see it and get used to vegan in India!

3. Wouldn’t you have some fun with monkey thieves?

They can seem to us as cute animals but they can really steal your stuff. So, be alert and look after your stuff in India. Also, the cops know their way and can find your stuff even they are stolen. So, We all know that Indian history and buildings are worth to see. Please don’t be afraid of India and consider what I said. You will see that India is the best destination!

4. Another reason why you should never ever visit India; There is no profit from an India Trip!

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In India, there is a huge marketplace for Glocalzone. Glocalzone is a mobile application provides you to earn money by bringing products to locals during your travels. Glocalzone has lots of Indian users and they have demands from all around the world. So, you can earn money while traveling to India. You all have to do is adding your travels to Glocoalzone and bring the products that Indians want! There is actually lots of profit! 🤩💰

5. There are six more wonders of the world that are more beautiful than this boring thing.

The Taj Mahal is the most iconic symbol of India and it is the most popular monument in the world. It is built by the emporer Shah Jahan in 1632. Taj Mahal was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983. Every year, thousands of people visit India to see the ivory-white marble mausoleum.

6. They literally don’ t know what architecture is and what an architect does.

Indian architecture has evolved through centuries.  Different types of Indian architectural styles include a mass of expressions over space and time, transformed by the forces of history considered unique to India. They got affected by different architectural styles but they’ve also created their own style. India has a good image of architecture in the world.

7. They swim in the swamp.

The southern part of the country has hidden places  to escape from the chaos and crowd of the northern part. Goa has so many famous beach destinations to enjoy by Indian Ocean. You can do some boat trips and fun activities as well. You can also take stunning sunset photos there.

Also, there are some Indian Islands like Andaman and Lakshadweep for thouse who want to relax and refresh themselves.

8.  For those who are interested in ancient history and culture would be totally bored in this country.

India is one of the oldest settlements in the world. It was being home for different cultures over the years. Its history stretches back over 250000 years. As you can get, there are so many ancient historical places in India. You can see historical temples, mosques and ancient historical monuments. There are currently 32 UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites across the nation, making India a treasure trove for history buffs and design enthusiasts.

9. Wildlife in India? Elephants, Insects, and Mosquitoes

Indian Tigers, White Tigers, Indian Elephants, Black Pythons, etc are just some of the wildlife. Especially Ganga Dolphins, Golden Deers, White Tigers are some of the exotic animals you can find only in India. You can take special tours to discover wildlife in India and enjoy exotic forests of the country.

10. Green is just a word in India.

Nature paradise and virgin nature can be spotted everywhere. There are so many national parks and forests in India. India has the policy to increase green places across the country, you can see its effects wherever you go.

11. Indian Food doesn’t have flavors

Indian food is famous for its flavors and spices loved by billions around the world. If you have not tasted any Indian food then you are missing everything in Life. If you are not used to it, you may not like it but you wouldn’t know before you try! If you eat too much, it can affect your stomach. Be careful!

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