5 Most Charming Railways Around the World

Who doesn’t like the take a railway trip? We think that every traveler loves that idea. There are many beautiful train lines that reveal the beauty of nature and history. But those 5 railways we chose for you are the ones that impress us the most. Let’s explore the 5 most fascinating railways together.

Maeklong Railway

Maeklong Railways Market

In Thailand, there is a market named “Maeklong Railway Market” which has a train running through of it 8 times a day! It’s totally normal that you think there will be a chaos in that market but Maeklong Railway Market proves that a rolling stone gathers no moss!

Flam Railway

Flam Railway in Norway

The Flåm Railway starts in Flåm and goes up to Myrdal station along Bergensbanen. You will see beautiful nature and impressing waterfalls. It takes almost 2 hours and it is a perfect day trip that you can enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in Norway!

Kuranda Scenic Railway

Kuranda railway, one of the most fascinating train lines in the world. Who would not want to take a ride in Australia’s fascinating rain forests? This railway that lets you take a close look at the untouched nature is the kind of thing that every traveler wants to do once in his life.

The Jacobite Railway, Scotland

Jacobite Steam Train Glenfinnan at Viaduct

If you recognized directly at this gigantic train, you’re a fan of Harry Potter! This fascinating train you recognize as the Hogwarts Express connects Malaig Port and Fort William. On this train journey, you will witness the wonderful nature of Scotland and travel a journey full of famous lakes.

Orient Express, Turkey

Doğu Ekspresi'nde 12 bin bilet satıldı

Especially in winter months, this express has a route with full of snows. Can you imagine a trip watching this way with your hot chocolate? This fascinating railway connects Ankara and Kars. So, it can be a good trip for those who want to explore Turkey’s little villages, mountains, and nature.

We hope you like these railways! If you decided to travel don’t forget to add your travel to Glocalzone!

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