4 Incredible Nature Vacations

Nature vacations! Summer is approaching and we know you’ve already started to make your travel plans. As summer is said, a beach appears in the minds of many of us, but summer travel can also be in other forms. Sometimes we forget that nature offers us a variety of beautiful things. Some of these beauties can offer you a fascinating and memorable summer experience. There are 4 beautiful nature vacations for our travelers who are sick of going to the beach and looking for other experiences.


Camping is the best option for those who want to be nested in nature. Imagine a morning when you wake up with bird sounds and the sun is coming up … What is it, a squirrel? Look at those beautiful, green trees! Yes, camping makes you feel exactly like this! If you choose a wooded area for your camping area in the summer or even a lake edge, it can be a great camping experience for you to get rid of the summer heat

nature vacations camping

Nature Facilities

There are nature facilities established in some places and offering all kinds of opportunities for nature lovers. These facilities, which are housed in beautiful mountain sports or extreme sports, are usually set up in the area where you can meet all kinds of nature’s beauty. This option can be a great nature vacation!


Caravan trip is a dream for most of you. You could go away in the summer with a camper, go to a plateau, a campground and everywhere you want. Yes, getting a caravan is a bit expensive, or you might be planning a trip for a while. Then you can join Glocalzone and recoup the money of the van! All you need to do is make room in the caravan for the products the demanders want!

Africa Tour

Did you know that on tours you can meet the wild nature of Africa? It’s the ideal journey for the nature lover travelers! With safari tours, it is possible to look very closely at wild animals. Imagine giraffes, elephants … Moreover, in most natural parks in Africa, all enters are free!

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