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Game of Thrones Filming Locations That You Can Visit


Do you remember the places you fell in love when you watched the Game of Thrones? What would you do if I say that you can see them in real life and get some photos taken there? Well, let’s have a look at this article and get the opportunity to visit the places that Daenerys Targaryen has warmed up!

Kings Landing, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The uproarious capital of Westeros is actually a quite peaceful seaside town which is located in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

In spite of the fact that the buildings we see while watching Game of Thrones are generally computer-generated, people who visit Dubrovnik say that they feel like they are walking in the Kings Landing!

Besides the Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik itself might be a nice option as your next re-treatment vacation in terms of its tranquillity. You’ll like this walled town with small cafes and narrow streets even if you don’t really love the Kings Landing.

Dorne, Spain

Instead of the Dorne itself, we usually see the Water Gardens in the show and this gorgeous palace really exists in Sevilla, Spain. What is more, it is nearly as same as the Palace we watch in the Game of Thrones.

The real name of this stunning palace is the Alcazar de Sevilla. Actually, it is a royal palace which has recognized as UNESCO World Heritage. It is really worth seeing with its fine artwork, pastel colors and lux authenticity. You can visit there to have a stroll around the water gardens.

We suggest you not to lose the opportunity to take a dusty breath in the place you fell in love when you watch the Game of Thrones!

Iron Islands, Northern Ireland

Visiting Northern Ireland is a great option to really feel the Game of Thrones atmosphere. Besides the Iron Islands; Northern Ireland has appeared as the Dothraki Sea and the Winterfell in the Game of Thrones. What is more, you can even come across with a dire wolf if you are lucky, or unlucky.

Here is the advice list if you want to see all places in Northern Ireland which made you watch the Game of Thrones again and again;

  1. Tollymore Forest Park – Haunted Forest
  2. Inch Abbey – Where the war of five kings began
  3. Castle Ward – The house that Stark built
  4. Shillanavogy Valley – Dothraki Sea
  5. The Dark Hedges – Kings Road

Yunkai, Morocco

Yunkai is one of the Slaver Cities on the Slaver’s Bay in central Essos. Could you imagine where it is actually being filmed? What if I say Morocco?

game of thrones set location morocco

If you are a real Daenerys Targaryen fan, you may want to visit Morocco, North Africa. We mostly see her in Astapor, Yunkai and Pentos which are all located in there. Furthermore, we claim that you can’t see somewhere like authentic Morocco in the world. Also, you can learn that when should you go to Morocco by visiting the link below!

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