5 Cool Destinations for Summer Vacation

During the summer some of our travelers love to turn their summer ropes to the other side of the world! But we know that now the crowded popular travel points do not attract you anymore! Here are 5 cool destinations for summer vacation for our travelers who are in different pursuits!

Italy, Riomaggiore

summer vacation

Riomaggiore! The village is famous for fried seafood and wine, you should definitely try. There are also historical buildings in Riomaggiore such as San Giovanni Battista Church and Oratory of St.Maria Assunta. You can also swim here but you have to jump from the cliff.

Thailand, Pattaya

Thailand is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and Pattaya is an exotic and magical city in the country. Beautiful beaches, the lively nightlife, impressive temples, cheerful and peaceful people, tasty Thailand cuisine, and rich culture are fundamental things that make Pattaya amazing. There are plenty of activities you can do when you visit Pattaya, traveling is one of them.


Palawan! It is not hard to understand the reason why the professor of La Casa de Papel choose this island to live when you look at its emerald water, natural beauty, and untouched jungles. The water which surrounds the island is so clear that you can clearly see the submerge which is incredible. Also, the stunning beaches of the island are waiting for you with it’s all magnificence.


Oia is a small village on the north of the Santorini. It is hosting many taverns and museums. This village has also art galleries that have a significant place in the world of art, which must be seen with their unique architectural structures.

Flamingo Beach, Aruba

It feels great to enjoy the sea and the sun on a beach full of flamingos. It is possible to experience this on Flamingo Beach in Aruba. You can reach this island by a ferry from the city center and you can see these magical animals.

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