5 Things That You Can Buy From Lisbon

There are many answers for the question “What to buy from Lisbon?”. Portugal is among the countries that you should not die without seeing with its wonderful nature and rich culture, and Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It is good to know that Portugal is pretty cheap. Bairro Alto area is proper to stop over in Lisbon. You can find ‘vintage’ products and you should definitely stop by ‘Feira da Ladra’, which is a famous bazaar,  to buy handmade clothes, bags, shoes, decorative goods and so on. Let’s check what to buy from Lisbon.

Portugal Wine

The first thing that you may buy from Lisbon is wine. While you are strolling in the city, you can easily find delicious Portugal wine in many places. That wine became a part of Portugal culture. If you want, you can go wine distillery tours to taste them.

wine buy from lisbon


A candle is a sincere gift and memory that you can buy from Lisbon. You can find lots of handmade candles that have different size, color, shape, and odor. If you want, you can check that page to see just a few of them. Caza Das Vellas Loreto is suggested as a place to go to buy some candle.

Canned Fish

The biggest part of Portugal cuisine is consists of sea and ocean products. That’s why canned fish is a delicious thing that you can buy from Lisbon. Sardinhas and Bacalhau are significant flavors and after you taste them, you will definitely bring some with you. Even Bacalhau is left in the water for 3 days before cooking, you may think that it is a bit salty.

Portugal Cheese

Portugal cheeses are as famous as seafood. If you like trying different kinds of cheese, Portugal is another delicious thing that you can buy or at least try in Lisbon.  Azeitao is made from raw sheep’s milk and you will love its peerless flavor. Cabra is a bit harder, its made from goat milk. Evora and Nisa are also made from sheep’s milk. It is good to say that Nisa is a vegetarian-friendly cheese. That’s not all, lots of cheeses are waiting for you to be tasted.


Ginjinha is a cherry liqueur is a traditional drink that you should definitely try in Lisbon. You will love the perfect harmony of cherry, sugar, and cinnamon. Enjoy it!
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