6 Places You Should Visit In Helsinki

If you love cold weathers like I do, Finland is one of the most beautiful places in the world and there are many places you should visit in Helsinki. Don’t let the cold weather mislead you, people are very friendly and sociable in the country. Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, hosts lots of cultural and social activities. The beautiful blue shores and amazing green natural fields of Helsinki is such an impressive and soothing city in Europe. Let’s check several places you should visit in Helsinki.

visit in helsinki

Firstly, Helsinki consists of 315 islands. It is located in Finland Bay of Baltic Sea. Moreover, Helsinki is also close to Tallinn, Stockholm, and Saint Petersburg. If you don’t want to visit a crowded and tiring place, Helsinki will be a golden place for you. In addition, if you don’t want to feel cold much and want to travel on foot, you may visit Helsinki in June to July. If you don’t want to walk, you should get a Helsinki Card.

Suomenlinna Island and Castle

Suomenlinna Island is the best tourist attraction you may visit in Helsinki. There are museums, bridges, cafes, restaurants, the remains of a submarine, and a castle you can visit. In addition, the castle is a complex that has spread over 6 different islands. You can go to the island by ferry in 15 min. You can use your Helsinki Card on the ferry. Suomenlinna reminds me of an open-air museum where you’re gonna enjoy traveling.

Senate Square

 Senate Square is a significant place you should visit in Helsinki. The square is a visually beautiful place and that’s not all! Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki University, and Government Palace, and the National Library of Finland located in the Square. You should get into the university building and wander in the libraries. Over and above, you should climb stairs of the Helsinki Cathedral and enjoy its Nordic architecture.

Upenski Cathedral

The Upenski Cathedral is a fancy place you may visit in Helsinki. It was built Slavic and Bizansian architecture. Moreover, it is also the biggest Greek church in the Western European. You can easily see the influence of Russia in its architecture. Don’t forget that, you have to visit Upenski Cathedral till 4 pm.

Kamppi Chapel of Silence

The most interesting place you can visit in Helsinki is the Kamppi Chapel. If you get tired and need some space, it will be your best place. You can sit quietly inside.

Market Square (Kauppatori)

The most famous open-market you should visit Helsinki is Market Square. You can find various types of products and good places to eat something.

Temppeliaukio Church

The most striking place you can see in Helsinki is Temppeliaukio Church, with the other name Rock Church. The church was carved into rocks. Moreover, It has an amazing acoustic, that’s why musical events are organized in the church.

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