How To Cope With Jet Lag

Jet lag is a kind of curse for the people who travel frequently. It is simply the in-coordination between your biological clock and the time zone of your destination. It occurs when you travel quickly between time zones. The symptoms of jet lag can be really disturbing like a headache, sleeplessness, difficulty in concentrating or on functioning. Fortunately, avoiding jet lag is not possible but you can eliminate the symptoms by using some tricks. If you want to learn how to cope with jet lag, continue reading!

1)Stay hydrated.

The most simple trick to cope with jet lag is to drinking enough amount of water. Drinking water will help you to adapt your body to the new time zone. Also, limit alcohol and caffeine intake to avoid sleeplessness.

2)Start adapting your schedule a couple of days before your flight.

If you’re traveling east, try to bring forward your sleep time. If you’re traveling west, do the opposite. It’s the most useful idea to cope with jet lag especially when traveling a couple of time zones. In addition, you can try to move your mealtimes too!

3)Try to arrive earlier.

Especially if you’re traveling for a special event, you can try to arrive a couple of days earlier. Then you’ll be able to gradually recover yourself to be on top of your game.

4)Take a hot shower before sleep time.

We all know that taking a hot shower makes it easier to sink into sleep. If you’re trying to deal with sleeplessness, consider having a hot bath before sleep time. It will make it easier to cope with jet lag and you’ll adapt easier to the new time zone.

5)Avoid arriving at night.

When you arrive at night, you’ll be awake while everybody else is sleeping there. As a result, it will be harder to adopt the new time zone. As the exposure to the sunlight will keep you awake, arriving during the day will help you to cope with jet lag.

6)Control your light exposure.

Researchers say that if you’re traveling east, seek for the morning light and avoid late afternoon light. If you’re traveling west, do the opposite. You should put some effort to use this trick. Eventually, it is one of the most natural ways to cope with jet lag. So it worth trying!

cope with jet lag

If you’re traveling a lot, consider taking professional support to cope with jet lag. Also, don’t forget to add travel on Glocalzone!

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