6 Reasons to Visit Thailand

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Thailand? Besides being affordable there are several other reasons to visit Thailand: sipping cocktails by the beach, slipping off to a relaxing spa,  zipping around by boat, tasting different street foods… Here are 6 reasons why you should visit Thailand:

Thai Food

You will be surprised by the diversity of its cuisine once you visit Thailand. Be amazed by the variety of home-grown ingredients in its food markets and feast on local specialties at the street counters. If you are more interested in Thai cuisine, there are excellent cooking schools where you can learn how to cook traditional dishes.

Beaches and Islands

There are 100 islands in Thailand and some of the best beaches in the world. Warm, clear water, stunning vistas and marine life to gawk at as you swim, snorkel or scuba. Also, there are so many different types of beaches in Thailand, from quiet and laid back to party all night so that everyone can find a perfect place for themselves.

Thailand’s Buddhist Heritage

Buddhism is the country’s predominant religion and its influence can be seen everywhere from the architecture to the way people communicate with each other. Every major city of the country, especially Bangkok and Chiang Mai, have breathtaking Buddhist temples to visit.

Year Long Sunshine

Whether visiting in December or June,  you can expect warm weather and mostly clear days. Some seasons in Thailand, however, have little differences from the ones we’re used to – cool, hot and rainy.

The Wellness Retreats

Thai massages are famous throughout the world, relax your body by having these massages and enjoy to sink into a Jacuzzi or steam in a sauna.


Whether you are on the beach or in one of Thailand’s cities, you can easily find the bars and nightclubs that made the country famous. Also, do not miss the Full Moon Party organized in Koh Phangan Island once in a month.

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