European Fairy-tale Towns To See In 2021

Have you ever been in a fairy-tale? We heard about some little towns which feels like you will come across with Tinker Bell or Frodo as you turn the corner! What a mystery, right? Then let’s find out what’s the matter with that places. Here are the top 5 European fairy-tale towns to see in 2018!

Alberobello, Italy

Alberello is a small Italian town located in the South of the country. It seems like Alberobello certainly fits into the European fairy-tale category with its unique harmony. The characteristic white-washed conical-roofed houses of Alberobello which named Trullo are just feels like you stepped into a fairy-tale with it’s unusual structure.

This little Italian town is just for the people who wants to take a magical break and forget about the routine daily life. On the contrary to the classic touristic destinations, Alberobello doesn’t offers you to see numerous museums , popular cafe’s or stunning structures. The best thing to do in this European fairy-tale town is to stroll around and explore!

Giethoorn, Netherlands

Giethoorn is a true experience to cherish your life if you love the movie “Hobbits” because this town just looks like scenes we saw in the movie! Also the serenity and peace in the town verify that Giethoorn is a fairy-tale come to life place. It will make you forget your all concerns about life and will bring you to a serene mood with it’s peaceful and quiet streets.

The best point is, Giethoorn is a water village which means there are many canals in the town and boating is so popular. People gave the name “Dutch Venice” to this European fairy-tale town because of the dependency to the waterways. Some houses even can’t be reached without using a boat! However, regarding the tourist population it has no similarity with Venice at all!

Vézelay, France

Vézelay İs located strung out along the crest of a hill with a basilica on the top of that hill. This European fairy-tale town doesn’t have many tourist attractions which provided to keep it’s rural authenticity since the 12th century. You’ll find the peace as you walk down from the hill by using the narrow winding streets. Also you’ll be able to see the quirky old buildings and houses which hardly seems real.

Best thing to do in this European fairy-tale town is to climb up the hill to the basilica and see the breathtaking panoramic view across the countryside. Also, you may want to visit little local shops to buy something to make you remember Vézelay.

Sintra, Portugal

Sintra feels like you just stepped into the pages of a fairy-tale book with it’s whimsical and colorful Romanticism style of architecture. The old people of Europe couldn’t resist the love of art and mysticism of ancient cultures. As a result, they combined them and reflected this feeling in their everyday life especially in architecture, design and city planning.

The Gothic structure of buildings bring you back to the old feudalism days and you’ll feel like you can come across with a knight as you turn the corner! In addition you can’t help taking photos because of the vivid colors of the buildings and the mythological creatures which are adorned the walls! Sintra is definetely one of the European fairy-tale towns.

You may want to see that historical places when you get Sintra :

  •  the National Palace,
  • the Moors Castle
  • the Pena Palace.

Mostar, Bosnia

One of the European fairy-tale towns is Mostar. As a hidden beauty in Europe, Mostar takes people’s breath away who had a chance to see there with it’s medieval sites, abandoned ruins and holy peace. Be sure that you’ll be surprised that this town doesn’t take much attention despite it’s uniqueness.

First things first, you should immediately see the Stari Most when you get that European fairy-tale town. This  stunning Ottoman-styled bridge is the most noticeable architectural landmark since 16th century. Then you can walk through the narrow streets, swim under waterfalls and enjoy the serenity of this medieval kind of city!

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