7 Top Sneaker Brands in 2020

Undoublty, 2019’s sneaker trends have fallen into two categories. Either they’re very much on the “ugly” oversized sneaker. Or, they fall into the more classic-style sneakers. Especially vejas sustainable trainers have been one of the shoes we have realized over the year. Here are the 7 top sneaker brands in 2020.

High heels always have an important place for women. In addition to its elegant stance. It is the only indispensable item that has the power to feel feminine the moment it is worn. However, it poses certain problems for every woman who tries to keep up with the speed of daily life.


With a disruptive design, ‘90s-inspired pops of color, and a storm cloud–inspired sole, Storm is a force to be reckoned with. And with ‘Lost Love’ metal badges and a black and red color combo, these kicks are not in the mood. Moreover you can order this sneaker via Glocalzone!

top sneaker brands in 2020


Ozweego sneakers bring a new look to the late 90s and early 2000s styles with retro details with futuristic design lines.

This sneaker is obivously modern and stylish. By the way Supercourt RX Shoes put a new shine on decades of classic adidas court designs. Lace them up, hop on your scooter and then make like the outsole and split.

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No matter how stylish the high heels look. Because it is not possible to stand for hours. Unlike statement heels, we will see statement sneakers. Undoubtly Balenciaga is one of the top sneaker brands in 2020. They produced many interesting and stylish sneaker models. So be prepared for the comfort of statement sneakers, where you can easily do many activities, from Olympic running to hiking.

Thanks to Balencia’s Triple S sneakers, we watched the trend of the ‘Dad’ sneaker trend. Rough and thick sole models, which are carried to sandals or even boots, become more chunky in 2020.


Everything that is old is new. The fashion industry, which modernized the Throwback concept with the trends of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, follows the same trend in sneaker models. In the FILA sneakar models, it seems to have added the symbolic meanings brought by luxury and showiness to the comfort.


With this sneaker model the brandaims combining classic style and comfort. Besides smooth leather and metallic leopard print fabric upper in a lace up sporty casual sneaker with stitching and overlay accents.


We re all know Nike’s tekno sneakers. The Nike RYZ 365 is essentially the robust substitute for Tekno shoes. They have bold design lines on the top that adds a touch of irreverence, while the geometric shapes of the midsole provide greater cushioning.


Reflecting on its vintage spirit, these sneakers are not only comfortable but also quite cool.

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