The 8 Most Interesting Gifts You Can Buy From Abroad in the New Year

We selected 8 most interesting gifts you can buy from abroad.

As you leave 2019 behind, you’re already thinking about what you’ll get for your loved ones. What if we told you that you could get the gift you want from any country? Here are the 8 most interesting gifts you can bring from abroad!

The most glittering gift in the New Year!

How about some brilliant suggestions to make your loved ones happy in the new year?


Swarovski, the first brand that comes to mind for jewelry, which is one of the most timeless and glittering gifts for your loved ones, has been producing crystals in Austria since 1895. You can buy one of the unique products of this brand via travelers in Glocalzone.

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Indian Jewelery

What do you say we go to a different part of the world and get inspired by different cultures for a glittering New Year’s gift? Indian jewels are bold, complex and colorful. Jaipur and Rajasthan are the jeweled capital of India. In Jaipur, jewels are embellished in Mughal-inspired colors such as red, green and white, using Kundan (set with gold) and meenakari. Indian jewels can be color and a bold gift for the new year.

New flavors in the new year!

Indian Spices

India, which is one of the countries where the spice route passes, has a variety of spices such as black pepper, cardamom, turmeric, and coriander. You can find the most interesting spices from India. As a gift, you can choose the spices of Roopak, a well-known brand, packaged in plastic bottles.


Sometimes even a bar of chocolate can make your loved ones happy. How about a basket of German chocolates for a New Year’s gift? Our first suggestion for this is Nussknacker.


Friends who love to try new flavors will love this present which is indispensable for Hungarian cuisine. Paprika is a cheap and original gift of dozens of different types, such as mild bitter, bitter and sweet. You can also find powdered paprikas that are sold in elegant packaging as a gift.

New technologies in the new year

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

These cleaning robots will be a very good friend at home. This robot vacuum cleaner cleans your house by itself. You can easily buy it via Glocalzone.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 has become one of the most talked-about technological devices of 2019. It is a great option to buy iPhone 11 for your loved ones and meet the latest technologies in the mobile world. We recommend that you take a look at overseas prices and consider this option.

DJI mini

Have you ever met Dji Mini, the newest member of the Drone family? DJI mini helps you immortalize your best moments with a different angle. By buying this gift to your loved ones, you can help her record all your beautiful moments in 2020.

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