A Brave Woman Who Carries Her Life to Australia: The World is My Home

I want to talk about a travel blogger A Brave Woman Who Carries Her Life to Australia. I’ve been following her blog for a long time.

She explored many continents, countries, and cities and she explained every place she went on her blog with sincere language. Whenever I read her blog, I feel strong and happy myself. That’s why I wanted to introduce her to you. I’m sure you will be inspired by her story about Australia.

Who is this woman?

Who is this woman? Well, her name is Oznur, she is 28 and she doesn’t have a good job anymore, because Oznur realizes her dreams. The World is her home. Let’s learn her dream from Turkey to Australia!

How did it start?

Oznur and her husband had a great job in Istanbul. They used to love their jobs, bosses. They closed their relatives, but these were not enough for them. This cute couple decided to move abroad in the chaos of Istanbul. Oznur had to stay in the traffic 3-4 hours in a day. I’m sure it must be very tiring. Also, she did not feel safe because of the increasing terrorist attacks in recent years in Turkey. She wasn’t relaxing in her hometown. Then, she said to herself “If life is one time, why am I doing this to myself?” And the idea of moving abroad, which is always in fact so speeded up.

Why Melbourne, Australia?

When they decided to move, firstly, they made a list of countries. Australia was good for them because Australia’s climate was near to the climate of Turkey. They wanted so sunny climate and Australia is great about this way. Also, Australia is near to famous travel places. I think that was the big point for them while making a decision. And Australia has a soft policy for immigrants.

Oznur’s husband registered a language school to get a visa. With this visa, they can also work and live there. But, they had difficult times getting this. They had to deal with a lot of paperwork, but when they got the visa, they were very happy. Then, they started to search for cities. According to many surveys, one of the top 5 cities in the world that can live in Melbourne. Of course, this is one of the reasons. But, Oznur’s best friend is living in Melbourne. This was the most influential thing for them to live there.


Life in Australia

Of course, it was very difficult for them to leave their routine life and leave their relatives. Firstly, they left their jobs, sold their all stuff and said goodbye to their families. Finally, they bought flight tickets and flew to Australia, to their new life. They have been in Australia for 2 months. According to Oznur’s article, Melbourne’s calmness is the most interesting part of these 2 months. In banks, many famous songs are playing and paperwork is very easy in Melbourne, she said. Also, Oznur is very happy, because her husband goes to school everyday and she has lots of free time for doing whatever she wants! And you can see a photo with her new friend, Bella 🙂

I congratulate this beautiful woman and her husband for their courage. Please continue to share your experiences and beautiful moments with us. If you like this woman’s story, you can learn more from her blog. She is sharing the best moments in her Instagram!

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