The man who took 12.150 puddings in 3140 dollars and flew free with 1 million miles!

Pudding! We will talk about the interesting story of David Phillips, who bought 12,150 puddings in exchange for a promotional code in pudding boxes, then converted them into miles and earned 1 million miles in total.

During an ordinary grocery shopping in 1999, the Healthy Choice brand recognizes that each box presents 50 miles in the pudding. The real interesting part is that the 50-mile flight given as a promotion is worth more than a box of pudding.


He pays 3140 dollars for 12.150 pudding. Healthy Choice will give you 100 miles instead of 50 miles for delivery of puddings in May due to the rules of the campaign you have made. But in this case, David needs to fill 12.150 coupons. When he realizes that he can not do this alone, he agrees with a charitable organization and asks them to fill in these coupons in exchange for presenting puddings to the establishment. The charity also accepts the situation and fills in all the vouchers.
In May, David earns 1 million miles for all these coupons. This miller is all transferred to the AAdvantage Program account and earns Gold membership. Miller will continue to earn miles on a continuous basis.

After winning,  he flew 31 times in Europe, 42 times in Hawaii, 21 times in Australia, or more than 50 times in the United States. He also deserves a tax deduction of $ 815 for the puddings he donated to the charity organization. In summary, David is constantly flying for free, getting free accommodation and meals at the airport he went to because of his Gold membership under the AAdvantage program.

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