Countries Where Brands Are the Cheapest

Countries where brands are the cheapest! While traveling, we always get souvenirs and specific items to remember later. But, souvenirs are not the only thing that we should buy from a foreign country, because some brands can be cheaper in a country if this country is the production place of that brand. It means that you can get the same product cheaper than yours from a foreign country. Recently, my friend got one of the same shoes as mine from the USA, but her’s was $30 cheaper than mine! It’s incredible! But, what should we get from which country? Don’t you know that? Let’s read this post!

1. USA Brands

As we know America is famous for important technology organizations. You can get technological products from the USA. They are usually cheaper than in other countries. The most popular one is the iPhone! In the USA, there are also many famous clothing brands like Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and Levi’s. You should look at these shops when you’re in the USA.

2. Spain Brands

Spain has an important place in the fashion industry. The most popular clothing brands belong to Spain. Which are ZARA, Bershka, and Mango. I can say that those shops are influenced by big fashion trends of the fashion world.  You can find these shops’ price fair in Spain.

3. Swiss Brands

Many chocolate companies belong to Swıss. Which are Milka, Nestle, and Toblerone. Of course, they are cheap in Swiss and their tastes are better in here. Also, you can find watches in Swiss from Swatch and Rolex. You should look at these shops.

4. Italy Brands

The first thing that you should buy from Italy is pasta! They are really delicious and cheap in Italy. And, you see can many luxury clothing brands in Milano. Milano is the heart of fashion with Dolce Gabbana and Bvlgari!

5. Germany Brands

If you have a chance, the first thing that you should buy from Germany is a car 🙂 But, if you do not, let’s talk about little things like Faber Castell’s colorful pencils. You can get them cheaper from Germany.

I hope this post helped you! If you don’t have any chance to go abroad and buy these products, don’t be sad! Join Glocalzone and each product will be closer to you!

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