What is The Difference Between Customs and Passport Control?

One of the most common things to be confused at airports is the difference between customs and passport control. And, here I will explain the difference between them.

Passport Control

When you are entering a country, you need to check the passport control for the traveler’s travel documents, match the person, check the validity period, and check the authenticity. If you pass it, you will be legally logged into the country.

Customs Control

Customs control is the next step after passport control and checks whether the goods you bring with you are for commercial purposes. So it is located in the next section after baggage collection at airports. Many passengers leave the airport without being caught in the customs control, but if you come with too many suitcases and items, you may need to go through the customs check.

Here, your suitcases are opened to check your items and you will be checked for commercial purposes with the amount to be sold. If you do not pass certain boundaries, you will be able to enter the country without paying tax. As your property will enter your personal class. However, if you are crossing borders and your goods enter a commercial grade, you will have to pay tax according to the appropriate legislation.

One of the countries where customs control is most stringent is the USA. If you are arriving in the US, you will need to fill out two separate forms. One for passport information and the other for customs information. You will even ask if you are worthy of your money in the customs form, whether you brought merchandise for commercial purposes. Or whether you bring fresh food such as seeds or fruit.

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