6 Tips for a Comfortable Sleep on an Airplane

Sleeping on the plane is very easy for some of us. But I will give some recommendations for us to fall asleep and make a quality trip.
Announcements made while you are about to sleep, lights that are turned on during service, unintentional passengers walking through the corridor may cause you to have a sleepless ride. With a few small precautions you can make a better journey.

  • Choose the most suitable seat

Choosing the seat and the place is the first step of a peaceful journey and the first condition of a good sleep. If you are going to travel in Economy class, if you are tall and big, do not choose the middle seat. The most suitable place is emergency exit, corridor or glass edge. If you come to the airport early and let them know you want to sit emergency exit seat at check-in, they probably will not break you.

Airline companies that you buy airplane tickets are Turkish Airlines, Atlas and Pegasus, while the best seats in the Airbus A320 aircraft in their fleet are 1A. If you fly with the Airbus A320s, try not to choose the numbered seats from 15 to 20. Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Emirates and many airlines, such as the Boeing 777 type aircraft, 16 and 32 are the best choice.

  • Stay away from the coffee to sleep

During the first thirty-five to forty minutes of the flight, your sleeping condition affects you later in the journey. When you escape from caffeine and alcohol, your body passes more easily to sleep. Do not forget to meet your toilet needs so that you sleep. Make sure you drink enough water before you go to bed.

  1. Keep a pillow

Some airline companies do not offer cushion service. If you travel frequently, get a pillow that suits you. If you are on a long journey and are worried about sleeping, stop by one of the shops at the airport and get a neck pillow or a sleep pillow.

Prefer the ones in viscose structure. When you get on board, the first job is to ask for a pillow from the aircraft crew, from time to time the number of pillows may be less than the number of passengers.

  • Keep a headphones

If you are traveling near an airfoil during long flights, the noise can sometimes be unbearable. Use headphones to be less affected by noisy people around you, crying children, or loud speaking people. So that no one can disturb you while you are sleeping.

Most of the companies that provide inter-country transportation are not suitable for both sound quality and comfort, though they offer headphones. Do not forget to take your own earphones. Before you sleep on your smartphone, be aware that the music you are listening to is installed.

  • Close your screen

If you have a screen, close it. The lights from here affect your sleep, which disturbs your sleep quality. If you have covered the screen, wear your eye sock before sleeping.

  • Go to sleep

If traveling in economy class, adjust your seat to the optimum level to sleep. The right angle is 135 degrees. If you can not tilt your seat back, open your desk and lean forward. Release the spleen as much as possible.

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