Eat, Sleep, Coachella, Repeat!

Eat, Sleep, Coachella, Repeat!
Coachella is known as the biggest and the best music festival in the world. This year, 13-15th of April and 20-22nd of April is the given dates for Coachella. Before the festival starts, people talk about music bands that will take the stage; after the festival, people start to talk about their amazing memories. Last year, approximately 579.000 people had a lot of fun in the area. You may ask how this festival mentions itself so much. Let’s take a look at that amazing piece of fun.
  • The host country of this festival is Amerika, California. Every year plenty of people attend this event. Not just ordinary people, also models, sportsman, fashion designers and lots of other celebrities.
  • You may love rock, hip-hop, indie or electronic music does not matter. Coachella has them all.
  • It’s more than a festival, it’s also one of the best places that you can hear fashion’s heart beat. You can easily find the craziest styles.
  • Coachella starts before all the Europe’s festivals and gives direction to almost all festival fashion.
  • If you adore twinkle, glitter and shiny stones this place is a heaven for your style.
  • Don’t forget about the big Ferris wheel. You should take a photo of it!
  • Foods that are sold in the area is distinguished it from the others. Ice-creams, donuts, fried-potatoes became pretty famous.
  • If music doesn’t attract your attention, you should go to taste those delicious foods.
  • Pitch your tent, show your craziest style and have fun. Before I forget I might add that you should hurry up to buy tickets because there is not a lot already!
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