How did I earn $1,200 from my travel to the US?

Do you want to learn how to earn money while traveling through the story of our traveler who earned so many times? Here is Ümit’s Glocalzone experience!

Although I have traveled frequently to America where my sister lives for years, my travels have increased with my wife’s decision to give birth in America. Meanwhile, during a conversation with a friend I heard about Glocalzone and downloaded it to my phone. I had never heard of such an app before, and the idea of ​​turning my travel into earning seemed to quite exciting. With the guidance of my friend, I added my travel details to the application and requests are started to come. 

The first incoming requests were: supplements, Amazon Products, VR glasses, Laptop and Cosmetic products. Even some of them were hard to find and carry, the idea of earning money made me excited and I started to negotiate. When the shoppers made the payments, I received the orders and bought these products, then I met the shoppers face to face and delivered the products. When my earnings transferred to my account, I earned about $300 from this travel.

Although I downloaded this app through the suggestion of my friend, I had questions about the payment process. I was completely relieved after seeing confirmation of the payment and shortly after delivering the products, the payment transferred to my account.

As we were in the birth process, I went back to America;  added my trip to Glocalzone and answered the orders during my trip, too. Although it was a little bit tiring to get orders in the rush of birth; on returning, I made a profit of about to $900. I’ve earned $1200 on all of my travels. So in summary, on the second trip, I took all my expenses in America and returned with extra money in my pocket.


I will continue to add my travels to Glocalzone. What are you waiting for?”

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