How Does Time Pass in the Transfer?

It is time to travel, the excitement is at its peak, but there are grumbles that we experience in at the airports. They are the most boring and frustrating places in the world. Waiting for the transfer is a pain! We have 10 very good proposals that can take either 10 minutes or 10 hours. I believe we can bring some fun for you.

1) Plan ahead, research

There is one more thing you need to do while you plan your trip: At which airport will I transfer? Do I have visibility for the country I will be transferring? From which gate will I transfer the plane? How long it will take? Does the airport have a website? Is the internet free? What stores are the duty-free area? What is the distance from the airport? If so, how long does it take to get down to town and what is going on? If you have all of these questions before you travel, you can experience how interesting the transfer can be.


2) Walk around the city (if you have a lot of time)

If you have worked well on the topics mentioned above and your flight has been at least 5 hours, we have the perfect news for you: you can tour the city you are visiting! That’s exactly what it’s like to hit two cities with a ticket!

3) Watch the movie

If you are tired but unable to sleep, then do your homework well, take your computer and choose the movie that best suits your mood from the few movies you have uploaded before you travel!

4) Care, Beautify, Relax

The “airport tradesman” is now confronted with many facials including face massage, skincare, manicure-pedicure, and even hairdressers, realizing that the movements are getting longer. If you have an important meeting after your flight, or if you see someone valuable to you, this option may be for you.

5) Type postcard

Do you forget all your love during the whole holiday? Or you don’t want to deal with postcards and other congratulations throughout your holiday? Or was it just a little bit of writing for you? The airport kiosk, postcards, and postage stamps can offer you the opportunity to make a pleasant surprise for your loved ones while you are on the move.

6) Play games

Just as you are in the same movie, do your preparations (condition your phone or have a deck of cards with you). Games can be individual to communicate with strangers around you.


7) Talk to strangers

Chatting with people you have never met in the airport is, of course, possible and very enjoyable. But do it much more gracefully than in normal surroundings and do not behave in any way that will make you absolutely suspicious (touching things or serving food/drinks in the first minute, etc.

8)Review your plans

How will you arrive at the hotel after you have been monitored from afar? What is your plan B in case of any delay? What situations does your travel insurance cover? Have you bought souvenirs for your loved ones? How is your travel budget? Is there enough cash with you? Do you remember the currency exchange where you want to go? And find the answers to many questions like this. Do not fool around.

9) Finish the job

Although it may seem like the best option to stay away from the rest of your vacation during the holidays, it is important to remember that not every vacation will be a holiday destination … Consider a quiet corner or a nice place to cherish and consider your journey … Email, report or translate,!

10) Write about your travel

Are you going home with unforgettable memories? You still get your business guaranteed and make a note of the places you see when your memories are still fresh of the people, and your impressions of the cultures you’ve discovered. You do not necessarily have to write in story format, if you have small notes or if you have tables, it can be too complicated. As long as you accompany the pictures and videos you take notes and remind them of the things you have lived for many years.

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