How to pre-order iPhone 12 like a pro?

The latest product of Apple will obviously bring sensation with its new features. Rumors have been going on for a while that the iPhone 12 will have some new characteristics that will make the new iPhone the number one selling phone. Consequently, every Apple lover desires to be the first one to have the new iPhone. So, how do you pre-order iPhone 12 and be among the first people to have the iPhone 12?

You’ll need to pre-order the new iPhone through Apple’s website. This sounds pretty easy, right? Unfortunately, the pre-ordering process is not as easy as it sounds. So, how can you be among the first purchasers of iPhone 12 when it is pretty difficult to order it?

Luckily, I have been through the process of pre-ordering many times. I’ll be answering your question of “how to pre-order iPhone 12?” by giving you some of my best recommendations on pre-ordering process. But first, let’s talk about when will Apple might release the pre-order date for its latest product.

When will Apple release the pre-order date for iPhone 12?

Oftentimes, Apple notifies its new products in September with a press release. However, Apple may not be able to do a press release on iPhone 12 this September due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic .This unexpected pandemic caused Apple to close its retail stores outside of China until the next announcement.Consequently, Apple would not do a press release in this situation.

This information saddens many iPhone lovers as it also means they are not going to be able to buy the new iPhone 12 anytime soon. But do not right away lose your excitement because I can give you some information that could make you happy. 

Obviously, I am not a seer, so I cannot give you the release date of iPhone 12. But, I can pass on to you my experiences on pre-ordering the latest product of Apple.

How to pre-order iPhone 12 like a pro?

  1. Decide your payment method beforehand.
  2. Decide your device that you are going to pre-order.
  3. Have a backup plan for tips numbers 3 and 4.
  4. Have your Apple account information beside you.
  5. Apple  pre-orders are normally set to go live on Fridays at 5am (PDT). If you live outside the Pacific time zone, you either need to get used to waking up early or book someone in the PDT region to buy the iPhone 12 for you.
  6. Read some reviews on bad pre-ordering experiences. 9to5Mac has an amazing article on negative features of Apple’s pre-ordering system. You should definitely check it out.

Last but not least, Apple may release a new statement at the last minute that could change the structure of pre-ordering or notify its customer on the definite pre-ordering date. Therefore, you should follow up with the Glocalzone blog to read the latest informations for iPhone 12. You can subscribe to our blog by simply filling out the form below :

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