Sena’s Experience with Glocalzone

It is a fact that we are not able to find every foreign product in Turkey. Plus, even if we find them they are much more expensive than its original price. This situation eventually gets frustrating. This was the situation for one of our users Elif Sena. She happily accepted to share her positive Glocalzone experience of buying Kylie Cosmetics’ bronze eyeshadow palette with current and future Glocalzone shoppers. Here is our interview with Elif Sena from shopping until the delivery. 

Why did you choose Glocalzone?

Since the release of Kylie’s costemistc in the USA, I have been looking for the same products in Turkey, specifically its famous eyeshadow palette.  After my rigorous search,  I was able to find some places that sold Kylie cosmetics products in Turkey. However, not only were the same products high-priced, I was also not sure about their quality. I mean it is a reality that Turkey is good at making fake products. So, how could I be assured it’s the original products? When I was ready to give up my search for Kylie products,  one of my best-friends, who previously used Glocalzone, pitched me the idea of ordering Kylie products through Glocalzone. She assured me that I would be able to pay a moderate price and request an invoice to verify the originality of the product. I was thrilled. I mean this sounded too good to be true. So, this is how my Glocalzone journey began. 

What did you order? How was your experience with Glocalzone travelers?

I ordered Kylie’s bronze eyeshadow palette and I found the process of ordering very smooth and easy.  I found a traveler called Zeynep. After finding Zeynep’s travel details, I sent her a message through Glocalzone’s secure chatting system. Once we settled the traveler reward, I made the payment. Also, I was very lucky because Zeynep was a Turkish student who was studying in the U.S.A. and considering buying some Kylie products as well. Because her total order went up, we both received a %15 from our products. This all thanks to Glocalzone.

How was the delivery?

Weeks later from my order, Zeynep travelled back to Istanbul. She was so sweet because she met me a day after her landing and gave me my product. We have decided to meet in a coffee shop that I regularly went to. She gave my product over there. Also, we even chit chatted. Because I was also considering doing an exchange in the United States, we had so many things to discuss. We talked about pros and cons of studying in the United States, education system, and living costs. Not only was I able to buy the product I wanted but also found a person to discuss my exchange plan in the United States. 

What part of Glocalzone did you like the most?

There were two main features that I loved the most. First, I was relieved when I learned my payment was not going to be received by the traveler right away. It would only transfer once I confirmed that I got my product. This secure payment method made everything else much more comfortable for me. The second feature was Glocalzone’s messaging system. Again, the main reason why I loved this feature was because of security. 

Would you recommend Glocalzone to your friend? 

Definitely, I will recommend it to any of my friends or even family members. It is a fantastic app that is easy and secure to use.