The Most Delicious Street Foods in Europe

The most delicious street foods in Europe! When vacationing in Europe, trying street foods in Europe should be the integral of your visit as a part of discovering new places, tastes, and cultures. It’s a delicious way to explore new cultures and it’s also budget friendly. Some of them will be familiar, some completely foreign, but all are worth a taste. If you are ready for those local tastes, here is the most delicious guide to street foods in Europe!

1-Belgian Waffles

street foods in europe belgian waffles

We are sure that you already familiar with these sweet and tasty snacks. The limit for your waffle is your creativity!  Melted Belgian chocolate?  Whipped cream?  Fruit? Nutella? Maple syrup? Powdered sugar? You can add whatever you like and just enjoy!

2-Langos, Hungary

Langos is a traditional Hungarian street food. This local delicacy is made by deep-frying dough and various toppings. Toppings are important because it is the secret sauce behind it. There are a lot of topping alternatives such as shredded cheese, garlic butter, meat, vegetables, and sour cream.

3-Gelato, Italy

Gelato is not just an ice-cream! It distinguished by being less fatty and slightly softer, classic flavors include pistachio and stracciatella. It’s probably the most consumed street food throughout the country because it is very delicious and fresh; especially for the hot summer days. Gelato is definitely one of the most delicious street foods in Europe.

4-Simit, Turkey

When you see street food and Turkey words together, most probably you think that it is about kebabs, but it’s not all about kebabs in Turkey. Simit is sold from street carts across the country and is often eaten for breakfast on the go. If you have time to sit and try simit,  a cup of Turkish tea will be perfect for it.

5-Trdelnik, Czechia

When you walking in the streets of Prague, you will definitely smell the cinnamon sweetness. And everywhere you go, you see vendors making circular pastries by hand on the street. These delicacies are called trdelníks. They’re coated in butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar but if you like you can add chocolate or ice-cream. They’re one of the most delicious foods in Europe, really.

6-Crepes, France

Crepes are one of the most popular street food in Paris.  You can find a street food stand for crepes on almost any street. And of course, there are always a lot of people in line to get a savory or sweet crepe.  They are very popular because they are very delicious and also cheap,10 euros or less—yes, it is cheap for Paris!

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