Tips For Photo Travel

I know we all like taking pictures when we are in somewhere.But, some people do it to educate themselves to improve. They are hanging out, they are learning and they are discovering.Today, we can easily access many digital cameras and this offers great facilities for photographic travel.And I decided to give you a few tips on traveler photography before you taking those beautiful travel photos.

I hope you enjoy when you are reading my article …

First of all,

Photograph Travel Planning


Of course, planning is the first thing to do for photograph travel.And we need to do that planing in the right way.It is important that you research places that will allow you take photos in different styles.taking cultural photos just one of the techniques of traveler photographers.Do not forget! You have too many options to take photos.Must see places, architectures, humans, streets and even street artists.And, you can share and exhibit to the whole world.
Think about it, maybe you will have a lot of people say ‘ come on! Why are we staying?Let go and travel!’.Of course, before that, you need know somethings.


1.Do Not Behave Like A Tourist


If you are traveling around like a tourist who does not know where to walk or where to stay, you will find it difficult to gain the confidence of the people you want to photograph, as well as being the target of pickpockets.In this way, before you travel search something about that country.Also, you can not waste your time with the agency because they just show you important places, not branch road, not show children playing ball or not show that person selling something.Get used to thinking like you live in the place you go.


2.Do Not Participate In Tours


Tourist guided tours may seem like the easiest way to explore the environment, but they can be restrictive on the part of photography. With guide-guided tours, you can only reach tourist attractions and popular places. As I have just mentioned, this situation causes you to miss specific squares you have gone to. In addition, guided tours are certainly more costly. Take time to do your research and create your own travel plan.


3.Prefer Hostels


When you check out the hotels to stay at your destination, you will often find them inexpensive, modern buildings and central locations. If you are on your way to making a photo journey, one of your goals should be to capture the original architecture or environment. It is important that you choose where to stay for this. The hosteller is mostly located near the central streets. More importantly, you can stay a few days longer with the price advantage.


4.Be Open The Innovations


The most common problem encountered by photographers is to stay in the same places. You can take different photos at the same points, but if you want to go on traveling photography, really catch different squares and prepare a beautiful collection, you have to constantly change your travel points. Changing your travel points will cause you to see many different points of the world. If you did your first photo travel in Egypt, you can go to London or Paris on your next trip.


Bag Preparing For Travel Photo


Preparing bag?!! I know you hate it like me:(( But we must do with wisely.Because, how big you are to travel with a bag and it is important that you get what you have.When you go out on a photo trip, you will get burned out of the camera, lenses, external hard drive, laptop, cables, charger and other technical items will cause you to give up your personal items. Be sure to prepare a checklist before you prepare your bag. Watch the list over and over again. Do not put anything in your bag that you really do not need. You will see as your photo travels grow, it will be a natural reflex to prepare your bag.


Which Equipment Should You Carry

Camera Bag: You will definitely need a camera bag to carry the camera and equipment. You get a model with a waterproof sheath, which has protective inner parts, made in the form of a suggested backpack. So it will be easy to move when you travel to your destination. When you take a photo or stop for another reason, you do not have to leave your bag around, and you can get rid of stolen or lost.


Your camera: Of course, you will need a camera because your trip is aimed at taking pictures. Do not forget to take your favorite camera with you.


Backup Camera: Never overlook your risk of encountering technical malfunctions. A small digital camera will save you all your time when it comes time.

Multicount Memory Card: It is not possible to carry more memory cards than necessary. Make sure you take as many memory cards as possible.

Up to 3 Lenses: If you have different objects, you may want to get all of them. It probably will not be your place for all your lenses. Do not ignore the weight factor. 2 or 3 wisely selected lenses will suffice to capture the desired frames throughout your entire trip.

Charger and Backup Battery:  It is impossible to shoot with a non-rechargeable camera. Make sure that you place your charger, necessary cords and at least 1 spare battery pouch. Make sure your backup battery is always full.






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