Visit Your Dreams in Burano!

Visit Your Dreams in Burano!
If i told you that the colorful houses in the paintings which we have drawn when we were a child are exist, would you believe me? Belive me or not, someone built our childhood dreams on an island near Venice an called it Burano!                    The island is famous for lacework and colorful houses. Rumors has it that the Burano women painted the houses in different colors, in this way the fisherman’s found their ways to the home at foggy nights. But not everybody believes in this story. Someone says that houses were painted because of the drunk Burano men. When men took a drop too much at night, they used to confuse their houses with another one. So women found the solution by painting each house all the way different.                                                   Do you need a little escape from the restless city life? Do you want to take pictures with the colorful houses which feels like you are living in a cartoon? If your answer is ‘yes’, all you need is a ticket to Venice. After you arrive at Venice you can board to Vaporettos (4.1 or 4.2) which is waiting for you near the San Marco square. This Vaporetto is going to take you from San Marco Square and it will drop you at Fondamente Nove station. Now you need to catch the another Vaporetto(12). If you find a nice seat it’s time to enjoy your journey to Burano!   Burano is a really little island. You can stroll all around the island by walking in one day. Here is a list of activities you must do at Burano;    
  1.  See the ‘Museo del Merletto’ (the Lace Museum). There are historical places in it and it only costs 5£!
  2. Taste the local cookies (esse) and cakes (Bussola). If you have 1£ and you love vanilla an lemon flavor these yummy things are just for you!
  3. After all these legends we suggest you to have a feast with the fresh fishes which caught by Burano men. We are sure you are going to get drunk as a Burano men after this delicious meal!
  4. Take a glance at San Martino church which has oblique bell dome.
  5. Take pictures!
  6. Get lost in Burano’s snug alleys. It will be fun 🙂
  We wish you luck when it’s time to go. Because it’s going to be hard to leave this peaceful island and go back to magnificent Venice. If you decide to discover Burano, don’t foget to add travel on Glocalzone right after you book your ticket!
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