What To Buy From Germany?

What to buy from Germany?

Germany, the indispensable route of European tours! It’s impossible not to be impressed by its shopping world where you can easily find many different products.

We’re sure that you won’t return home empty handed from your trip to Germany. So what should you buy from Germany? Below we’ve prepared a list of 10 products that you can buy from Germany.

If you can’t go to Germany, travelers can bring these products via Glocalzone!

Technology Products You Can Buy From Germany

It’s quite possible that you’ll come across many technology stores while traveling in Germany. For those who want to buy technology products at a much cheaper and affordable price, Germany continues to be among the most preferred countries.

Amazon, Saturn and Mediamarkt are among the first places that those who want to buy technology products from Germany look at.

Amazon Germany Products

1. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (8GB) 

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (8GB)

Kindle price in Germany: €129.99

New version of Kindle, smoother and thinner! Kindle continues to be among the most preferred e-book readers, thanks to its features such as adjustable color temperature and a battery life of up to 10 weeks.

It allows you to read like a paper book even in bright sunlight, and is also eye-friendly thanks to the adjustable screen color temperature. If you can’t live without e-books, don’t forget to buy a Kindle on your way back from Germany!

If you won’t go to Germany soon but you can’t do without a Kindle, you can get the Kindle you want thanks to Glocalzone travelers traveling from Germany.

2. Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Fire TV Cube price in Germany: €119.99

Meet the most powerful Fire TV ever. Now you can control your favorite content with your own voice, thanks to the Amazon Fire TV Cube, which puts an end to the remote control fight at home.

We seem to hear you say “No way!”, and we totally agree with you. But don’t come back from Germany without buying this product, one of us should test this product to see if the rumors are true.

3. Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Fire TV Stick 4K price in Germany: €59.99

If you say you won’t give up on the remote control, we thought of you too. Fire TV Stick 4K, which can be bought much cheaper in Germany and will offer you the real cinema experience, is also on our list.

Smart Speakers

4. Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) price in Germany: €26.99

Meet with the popular smart speaker of the Echo family. You can now control your music just by speaking. You can even pair it with a second Echo Dot when you want more sound. So make sure you get an Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for your friend too when you’re coming from Germany.

5. Echo Dot (4th generation)

Echo Dot (4th generation) price in Germany: €59.99

Echo Dot (4th Gen) continues to be a highly preferred product with its clear vocals and balanced bass as well as offering a much more stylish and compact design. Moreover, you can buy this product, which can be found in different colors, from Germany at a very affordable price.

6. Echo Studio

Amazon Echo Studio

Echo Studio Almanya fiyatı: €199.99

And finally, Echo Studio – which is much more professional compared to the smart speakers we mentioned above. It’s exactly the kind of smart speaker you’d say, “I couldn’t find it in the USA, but they’re selling in Germany. So I’ll buy it from there.”

With its sound quality, powerful bass and many other features, Echo Studio is among the products that you should definitely buy when returning from Germany.

Google Products

You want to step into the innovative world of Google, but it isn’t so easy to reach Google products in your country? Then we definitely recommend that you buy a Google product when you’re in Germany. If you can’t go to Germany, don’t be sad. With Glocalzone, it’s possible to buy these products thanks to travelers traveling from Germany to your country. And it’s much cheaper!

7. Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 price in Germany: €649

With 3 different color options, brand new camera system and Google Tensor chip specially designed for Pixel – meet with Google Pixel 6. You can easily buy this great phone from Germany.

8. Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini price in Germany: €59

The second generation Nest Mini continues to be preferred thanks to the powerful sound and bass it offers. We recommend that you buy this smart speaker from Germany. It provides a powerful sound that fills all the rooms in the house, although it is quite small.

Cosmetic Products You Can Buy From Germany

The Ordinary Products

We recommend that you give a chance to The Ordinary products, which you can easily reach from many stores such as Sephora, Douglas, etc. in Germany. Also, you can buy all The Ordinary skincare products with the travelers who have already added their trip to Glocalzone.

The Ordinary Products

9. Peeling Solution AHA 30% + BHA 2%

Price in Germany: €8.45

This great skincare product continues to be preferred because it improves the texture of the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines in the long run. If you want to try it too, you can ask for this product from a Glocalzone traveler.

German Chocolate, Please!

We haven’t met anyone who went to Germany and returned without buying chocolate, have you? We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that German chocolates are one of the products that should definitely be bought from Germany. So don’t come back from your trip without putting all kinds of German chocolates in your suitcase.

10. Merci Chocolate

Merci Chocolate

One of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to German chocolate: Merci! If you want to try different types of German chocolate, don’t forget to buy some on your way back from Germany.

If you love these products and there’s still time for your next trip, we have good news for you. You can contact our travelers who will return to your country from Germany soon from here, and can easily access these products that we strongly recommend you buy from Germany!

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