What We Know About Apple Vision Pro?

Before Apple’s event this year, WWDC23, there were rumors and expectations about VR/AR headsets, but until a week ago, we actually knew nothing about this headset, from its name to its appearance.

Now, even though we’ve learned a lot, a product awaits us that is hard to make a decision about until we see and experience it with our own eyes.

In this article, we wanted to compile what we learned and our expectations about the Apple Vision Pro, which is expected to be on the market in the first months of 2024.

Short Info About Apple Vision Pro

  • Introduced by Apple as “the most advanced personal electronic product of all time”.
  • When you wear the headset, you won’t completely cut off from the outside world, and you will be able to see the people around you.
  • It will be on the market in the first months of 2024. It will be launched at $3499 in the US.
  • It will use the M2 processor, Apple’s latest. It will be directly connected to an external battery with a cable.
  • The battery life is expected to be 2 hours for uninterrupted use. It will have a new operating system called VisionOS.

Why is Apple Vision Pro Different From VR Headsets So Far?

In fact, when we look at the basic design of the headset, this could be the first question that comes to mind. Because there have been VR headsets from many different companies on the market for years.

At first glance, it may not be easy to understand the difference of Apple’s headset just by looking at the photo, but the answer is actually hidden in the question. In other words, Apple Vision Pro cannot be defined as a VR headset.

The basic feature of the VR headsets on the market so far was to isolate you completely from the outside world when you put them on, to take you to a different world and to create a “virtual reality” environment for you.

Although it satisfied many people in short-term use, it could not become mainstream to be attached to a headset for a long time completely disconnected from the outside world.

The difference created by Apple is that the product is an AR (“Augmented Reality”) based headset.

So, it is possible to disconnect from the outside world, but the biggest innovation it brings is actually to create another world in front of your eyes while still connected to the outside world. You can see a simple example in the photo below.


Will Apple Vision Pro Be Popular?

Apple has successfully created ecosystems from scratch many times before. It knew how to transform different product types in a revolutionary way and create new needs for us. This product can be described as the most revolutionary product of Apple after the Steve Jobs era.

Even though it is hard to predict whether Apple Vision Pro can make this revolution again, we cannot expect it to appeal to everyone due to the price of the first “Pro” generation.

Aside from the price, the biggest two factors that will make popularity difficult seem to be the weight and the battery we are connected to. However, there will be many brands trying to imitate the concept produced by Apple, and in future generations, Apple Vision Pro will become popular, perhaps with much simpler appearances.

It is certain that it will be remembered as a product that opens the door to a different technology in the “augmented reality” field in the coming years.