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Traveling Barcelona… Sounds amazing, right?  The beautiful city that has Gaudi’s artworks in every corner and makes you feel pleasure especially when you enjoy the local foods. Other than it has lots of beautiful historical buildings and breathtaking streets. There are fascinating places nearby you should see when you visit Barcelona.


This small medieval city has a rich cultural heritage with influences from the ancient Romans, Moorish-era Arabs, and Jews. The old town is located on the riverside with lying colorful houses nearby. The best peaceful thing in Girona is being lost in its narrow streets and watching the sunset over colorful houses. First and highly recommended place to relax when traveling to Barcelona!

The Monastery of Montserrat

The natural beauty surrounding Catalonia offers you rock-climbing and hiking. If you do not prefer to do it, you can take railway or cable car which take you to the top with a breath-taking view. There is also a museum of art and sacred treasures, and a market plus outdoor bazaar which you can taste and buy natural cheese and dried fruits.

Costa Brava

Either you would like to chill at the seaside or enjoy eating in Michelin-starred restaurants and welcoming vineyards, Costa Brava is calling for you! Take the pleasure of beautiful beaches and feel the peace in every unique cell in your body.


It is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and quaint architecture. It is also known as the gay capital of Europe! Take a day off from Barcelona- by having just 30 minutes train drive- to chill on beautiful beaches, practice water sports, and enjoy the bustling nightlife.


Figueres is the birthplace of Salvador Dali and home to Dali Theatre and Museum. It has many pieces from his personal collection and the building itself in Dali’s style – bright pink walls with giant eggs on top?! If you’re art lover & seeker, this is the place you do not want to miss out!

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