4 Life-Saving Tips to Save Your Life in Festivals

Festival tips! Festival season is coming and the tickets of the most famous summer festivals are already sold out! We know that some of you have even begun to adjust your clothes! We recommend that you should make plans after reading the 5 tips that will save your life in a festival area. The festival in your dream can turn into a disaster with wrong steps! So, mind these 4 life-saving tips to save your life in festivals.

1-No White Clothes Area!

Light-colored clothes at the festivals really seem wonderful in photographs. But, we must say that if you really like your white dress, you should not wear it at the festival. Because the dress is not going to stay white. On the other hand, a black dress is a very bad idea if you will stay under the sun all day! In short, it is best to choose an outfit that fits the air conditions and can be contaminated.

If you are going to a camp festival, bringing fewer clothes that will increase the space in your tent and you will not have unnecessary burden while waiting for long lines. There won’t be a single thing that is clean in the campground after a few days, so don’t care about it so much. This is one of the most life-saving festival tips.

festival tips

2-What you need to take?

Everything that you will get alongside the campground is very important. A blanket or a toilet paper can certainly save lives. Here is a small list of the main things you need to take with you;

  • A thick sweatshirt
  • Sleeping bag
  • Wet Tissue
  • Toilet paper
  • Small chairs
  • Inflatable mattress (it’s very comfortable for the tent!)
  • Hat
  • Sun cream
  • Snacks

3-Watching concerts from the front is not always a good idea!

Let’s think about what is being done the most in the festival area. Dance, have fun, drink something and go to the toilet !! Too much fluid consumption may require constantly going to the toilet. In the campground, toilets are often far away from the stage, because they smell really bad. It may kill you to go to the toilet 3 times in the night so much from the front of the stage in the crowd. You also have to struggle with the crowd to buy regular drinks or food. Somewhere you can always see the whole scene and not have these difficulties.

4-Be Relax and Live in the Moment!

Here is one of the most relaxing festival tips! Many things you planed will change at festivals. It’s best to let it flow in.  Not every group is perfect and you do not have to watch each group. Do what you want, do not worry about things like cleaning and cooking. Relax and you can travel without thinking about your travel budget by adding your travel to Glocalzone!

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