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5 Reasons to Visit Barcelona in Summer 2018


Barcelona is a seaside town with a breath taking scene. There are many reasons to visit Barcelona. It takes attention with the grill shaped urban planning, art and architecture. Also it is being called as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and welcomes thousands of people every single year. Not only these, we have collected 5 reasons to visit Barcelona in summer 2018.

If you haven’t arranged a summer holiday yet Barcelona might be a good  destination for your summer.

1)Barcelona has a unique architecture.

Beyond the city structure, the buildings in Barcelona are really impressive. Especially the ones which Antoni  Guadi has built with a modernist attitude. You can come across some of the artworks of thefamous architect Guadiwhile just strolling around the city. The modernist approach of Guadi and the other architects turned the city into a masterpiece. You can even spend your whole time walking around the city when you visit Barcelona.

Here are the examples of Guadi’s work;

Sagrada Família,

Park Güell

La Pedrera

Palau Güell

2) Barcelona hosts the Sonar Music Festival.

Sonar Music Festival is one of Europe’s most well-known music festivals. Each June, the festival has welcomes thousands of music fan from all over the world. It is an unusual festival because of the fact that people who attended the festival can’t do camping inside of the festival area. It’s a city festival and everybody should arrange a hotel or a hostel for themselves. Also, you can choose to attend “Sonar by Day” or “Sonar by Night”which has different timings and locations.

visit barcelona sonar music festival

For more information visit Sonar Fest Barcelona !

3)Enjoy the endless beaches of Mediterranean.

Barcelona’s hot beaches and the crystal clear water proves that it’s a nice choice to visit Barcelona in summer 2018. Take you umbrella, grab a towel and you’re  ready to take a day off with the sea&sun. Just a reminder, don’t forget to take your sun cream with you to be able to enjoy the beach to the fullest extend!

You may want to try Mar Bella beach if you want a non-touristy one.

4)Barcelona is the perfect spot for foodies.

The capital city of Catalan community offers a variety of cuisines for food lovers. We have collected some of the iconic dishes of Barcelona which you should definitely taste when you visit Barcelona!

Paella:  Rice and seafood dish

Bombas: A tennis ball-sized potato croquette served with sauces

Esqueixada: A Catalan salad made with “bacalao”

Crema Catalana: Made with a creamy vanilla custard and blow torched until it forms a glassy crust

5)Barcelona has many tourist attractions.

Barcelona is full of green parks, museums, arty architectures and historical placeswhich makes Barcelona impossible to finish discovering. As a recommendation, arrange average 5 day if you’ll visit Barcelona.

To-do list never ends in Barcelona! If you a first timer, you can check our 5 Must Visit Destinations When Traveling in Barcelona blog to find out where to start discovering that modernist city!

Don’t forget to add travel on Glocalzone if you ever decide to visit Barcelona!

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