What to Buy From Korea? 15 Advices

Saying Korea might give you thoughts about different products that will make your life easier. That’s why we thought we could give you some advice. Don’t forget to add these items to your basket when you go there!

Korea is a great destination for travelers with its historical past, all of its locals’ healthy lifestyle, their different sense of beauty and development of the electronics industry. If you are returning home from Korea which is in the first place on the list of shopping enthusiasts, you will want to bring some cool Korean goods. Or you can just order some cool products via travelers from Glocalzone. Don’t wonder what to buy and just read this post!

We have 15 great things to buy in Korea!!!

1- Cute Korean Socks

No matter where you go in South Korea, you’ll find an amazing diversity of affordable sock designs on sale for super low prices at a random Korean shops along the street.
You may pass by a stall here and there, but it won’t be long before you start to feel like you might actually need a pair or two. Both affordable and aesthetically pleasing, these socks also make great gifts for large groups of friends back home.

2- Ginseng

Korean Ginseng has been world renowned since ancient times for its medicinal properties. People from all over the world come to Korea to find this magic root. And although it’s probably one of the most expensive gifts you can get, it’s definitely one of the healthiest. Ginseng is a great gift to give Koreans who love living long healthy lives. This can be bought at supermarkets and Namedaemun Market among other places.

3- Fake Designer Bags

Ever wanted that Louis Vuitton bag but couldn’t afford it? Korea’s got a black market that specializes in fake brand name bags. These fake bags are super high quality and can run in the hundreds of dollars (compared to thousands for real ones).

4- Korean Pillows

Korean pillows are quite unique and great gifts. Traditionally, Koreans use pillows filled with buckwheat husks. They mold to everyone’s specific head shape. It’s a very different type of comfortable and a totally unique gift 🙂

5- Hanbok

The hanbok is the traditional costume of Korea. It is what the kimono is for Japan and the sari is for India. As such today it is still worn by Korean women and men during very special occasions and celebrations.  Cost: Hanboks (top and bottom) run from 130,000 -700,000 Won, depending on the fabric quality.

6- Soju

Soju is the drink of this country.  Known as the Korean vodka, soju comes in a little green bottle and is the bitter drink that Koreans often bond to.

7- Electronics

As one of Korea’s major exports, many types of electronic goods are available. Department stores, specialty markets, and brand name stores all carry a wide selection. But the prices tend to be higher than back home (due to heavy government subsidies). Prices at discount stores and the Yongsan electronics market can be as much as 30% cheaper. Domestic products use 220 volts, while most U.S. appliances use 120. Transformers from 220 to 110 and 110 to 220 can be found at most electronics stores. Most products include excellent after-sales service where repairmen come to your house to pick up the faulty item, take it to their repair shop and fix it, then return it to your door again. Visit the Yongsan Electronics Market for the best buys.

  • Beauty Products That You Should Buy From Korea

8- Son & Park Beauty Water ($30)

This amazing hydrating toner is going to make a believer out of even toner-skeptics. This gentle, refreshing and cleansing toner will totally revitalize your skin.

9- TONYMOLY Hello Bunny Perfume Bar ($14)

These refreshing, adorably packaged solid perfumes have cute packaging.

10- Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask ($7.50)

Korean skincare basically pioneered the sheet mask, and these insanely hydrating versions from Dr. Jart+ are by far the best. If you need to banish dullness and boost your radiance in less than half an hour, you owe it to yourself to try one of these.

11- MISSHA All Around Safe Block Spray Sun Milk SPF 50 ($17)

This spray sunscreen is one of the best we’ve ever tried. Non-sticky with a light and refreshing scent and a serious SPF. What could be better than this?

12- Banila Co. It Radiant! Hydrogel Sheet Mask ($5 )

This gorgeous gel mask is amazing for soothing, de-puffing and brightening the eyes. Use weekly for best results—after a month, you won’t believe it.

13- Too Cool for School Dinoplaz Lip Balm ($15)

This beautifully tinted, hydrating lip balm doesn’t just give you the perfect kisser of your dreams—it also comes in the cutest packaging we’ve ever seen.

14- Etude House Play Nail Stickers ($4)

Want to add some fun to your manicure? These adorable eye-shaped stickers are totally perfect. Add one to each nail or keep them as a souvenir.

15- IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock xp

The original cushion compact foundation, Iope is still doing it better than anyone else. This feather-light foundation vanishes into your complexion, leaving you with an unbelievably perfect, even complexion.
Can you get products without shipping cost without going to Korea?

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